My Bucket List

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Initially, this page started out as “101 things to do in 1001 days”. After a while, I found that why do I wanna subject myself to a time frame? While a time frame is good, but since I work and study at the same time, it’s really hard to adhere to the time frame, so I changed this page to my bucket list.

Things I want to achieve/ complete in my lifetime. 

This way, I can constantly add new items and still keep track of all the things I wish / set out to do and completed.

I will be linking those that I had blogged about my experience after completing the items.


My Goals:

  1. Get my driver’s license
  2. Complete my University (Pending Convocation!)
  3. Lose weight… (Toughest goal ever… sighz)
  4. Spend less and maintain a minimum of $1k in acc. (ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!)
  5. Learn to play the piano….
    1. Love Poem
    2. Bach’s Air of G String
  6. Bake chocolate cake!
  7. Make Noni ice-cream
  8. Visit Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve (01 July 2010)
  9. Finish reading 3 books — May 2010
  10. Try something different (24 Jan 2010)
  11. Donate Blood (0 times)
  12. Visit Singapore Botanical Gardens
  13. Visit Jurong Bird Park
  14. Universal Studios, Singapore — 05 March 2011
  15. Visit the Hort Park (tree top walk) — 08 Oct 2010
  16. Catch the F1 race!!!(25 Sept 2010)
  17. Staycation in Marina Bay Sands Club Room!
  18. Conquer places for my English Afternoon Tea Obsession:
    1. at Intercontinental Hotel (14 August 2011)
    2. at Goodwood Park Hotel, Cafe L’Espresso
    3. at Raffles Hotel, Tiffin Room
    4. at Octa Hotel French-Japanese Restaurant (31 Jan 2011)
    5. at TWG Salon  (Done!)
    6. at Halia in Singapore Botanical Gardens
    7. at St Regis Hotel
    8. at Four Seasons Hotel
    9. at Sun with Moon Japanese Restaurant
  19. Take up a cake making / decorating course.
  20. Decorate a cake
  21. Hike up Bukit Timah Hill.
  22. Visit the Istana
  23. Learn a new language: Korean

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