Sleep better with SleepWiz ErgoDream eye mask

Sleep better with SleepWiz ErgoDream eye mask

I have been asked to try out this new sleep mask from SleepWiz and it came at the most appropriated time because I had been suffering from insomnia.

So, I thought, why not? It would be excellent if this actually solves my issue.

Sleeping with SleepWiz EgroDream Eye Mask


Skeptically, I put on the mask and went to bed.

Honestly, it was slightly awkward for me, because I don’t really use masks like these when I go to sleep, but oddly enough, I was totally sold when I woke up the next morning.

What is this weird magic?!?! I actually slept… WELL!
I could not think of a better sleep during that few weeks when I had sleeping issues, and I am speechless to find any logic to debunk this method.

Flipping the black mask around in my hand, I squeezed it and twist it around. It seemed like some kind of memory foam which is velvety and soft to touch.

I didn’t really believe it at all, how can this mask compare to the regular eye masks? The obvious purpose was to shut out all the lights, right? So… I tried one night with regular eye mask I got from an airplane amenity kit.

The regular eye mask does the same to block out the lights, but it wasn’t as comfortable as the ErgoDream. It may be that difference in the comfort level that I did not sleep as well as I did with the ErgoDream mask.


Regular eye mask vs. The ErgoDream™

Touch and feel:
Of course, The ErgoDream™ was much softer and plushy and velvety compared to the regular eye mask which had a feel of dried seaweed or paper.

Comfort around the eyes:
The ErgoDream™ has buckles that I could adjust the mask for comfort and snug. The elastics of the regular eye mask wears over time thus having a shorter usage lifespan compared. The regular eye mask was literally flat on my face and because of the rubber bands, they either pull tight around my face or just slips off. The ErgoDream™ was much softer and much gentler to the nose bridge and eyes. The contour of the mask helps it to sit comfortably and properly on my face, and it does not slip off easily.

Comfort in bed when sleeping on your side:
Because of the nice soft cushiony mask, The ErgoDream™ still ranks higher on comfort level.


SleepWiz EgroDream Eye Mask

About The SleepWiz ErgoDream™

The ErgoDream™ is made from a viscoelastic foam which is very soft and floppy to touch – almost like a piece of fabric. This is in contrast to the common 3D masks that are filled with an open-cell sponge material that is just like a dishwashing sponge – rough and stiff to wear.

In addition to being completely opaque, this viscoelastic foam also distributes any pressure from the elastic or weight of the mask even across your entire face (as fluids do!) so that it feels like it’s not even there.

The eye cavities in the ErgoDream™ are the deepest around and does not contact your eyes at all. This is crucial to helping you achieve longer periods of restorative REM sleep, in which your eyelids will move rapidly.

This is in contrast to other 3D eye masks, which are flatter to save on material that goes into the contours. Thin dual straps make the mask more comfortable to wear and keeps it on even if you toss and turn during the night.


Trying out the ErgoDream on a trip

There is one kind of trip I absolutely have troubles falling asleep — long bus journeys. The bus rocks back and forth on the rocky road, the floor is warm from the engine and the sun is pelting light and heat from the window. The aircon isn’t the perfect sleeping temperature, and overall, it was difficult to sleep.

Surprisingly, the ErgoDream does help give me a more peaceful sleep. It can’t help much with the heat, but the material ensures a total lights-out for those of us who are sensitive to lights. The comfort level of the mask was incredibly high — being so soft and all, it was pretty cushy and comfy for the face to sleep.

All in all, I did manage a good few hours of Zzzz inside the bus and woke up fresh and ready for my vacation ahead.

Me trying out the SleepWiz EgroDream Eye Mask



I guess the only downside of the mask is its funny shape — it did draw some giggles and laughs from my mum and aunt when I pull that mask out on the bus to try out, other than that, I like how it worked out for me. I definitely would bring it on long-haul flights from now on as the paper-thin eye masks provided by the airlines could be tad uncomfortable.

Also, my slight preference, I dropped two drops of lavender essential oil to the eye mask and the material retains the fragrance well! Lavender essential oils are great for relaxation. Good lavender oil also has antibacterial properties which would help keep germs at bay while you sleep during long trips and flights.


How much is the mask and where can I buy it?

SleepWiz EgroDream Eye Mask is only available directly from the company’s webpage here:

ErgoDream™ 3D Ergonomic Eye Mask for Back Sleepers

For more details,
Please visit their website:
or their Facebook page here:




Peace out! Off to dreamland!!


Thanks SleepWiz for sending me the eye mask to try and review.
All opinions are my own.

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