One good reason to take the Awana Skyway: Genting Premium Outlets

One good reason to take the Awana Skyway: Genting Premium Outlets

Awana Skyway
Awana Skyway

There are many reservations for Genting-goers when I spoke to them about cable cars. Many prefer to take the coach all the way up the hill going round and round the bendy roads than to take a breezy 10-minute ride up the hill.

Yes, 10 minutes.

Genting has a long history of cable cars and this spanking new cable car system in Genting is the fourth one under its belt, with a whole new system that is able to transport 1600 people per hour on the 3.4km track up the hill.

Not only that, for RM$50, you will be able to experience the entire ride in a glass-bottom gondola!

Glass Bottom Gondola
Glass Bottom Gondola

We were treated with a once in a lifetime experience earlier this year in a glass-bottom gondola and it was so much fun taking pictures of ourselves and the tropical rainforest below our feet.

While it may be quite frightening at first, but with a couple of friends, the glass gondola ride became fun and memorable.


Source: Rewort World Genting

Besides the upward transportation to Resort World Genting from Awana Bus Terminal, Genting-goers can take the cable car down to the Awana Bus Terminal for the Genting Highlands Premium Outlets!!



Genting Highland Premium Outlets


Located just next to the Awana bus terminal station of the Genting Skyway, and a stone throw away from Awana Resort, this has now become one happening hotspot for premium brands’ bargains and deals.

The premium outlet centre houses over 130 designer brands such as Coach, Polo Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Fossil, Swatch, Superdry, Kate Spade New York, Calvin Klein; sports brands such as Nike, New Balance, Adidas, Asics, Skechers, Onitsuka Tiger, Reebok, Puma; just to name a few.

Singapore brands such as Charles and Keith and TANGS outlet — even Typo Outlet can also be found here.

I was skeptical when I head down towards the outlets thinking on ‘how good the deals can be?’ —  it turned out —  pretty good indeed. I went in and out of almost every shop in the premium outlets and I did find some pretty good deals.

Despite a 30-minute queue to get into the Coach outlet, I bought a Coach Charlie Black Pebble Leather backpack at SGD375 (at a discount of 30% and plus an additional 30%). Mum bought a full leather handbag — a pretty good size at just RM900 — pricing range way below regular store prices — but comparable to outlet prices in the USA.

Source: Pinterest

I also bought paint brushes at Typo. The bristles were so soft and each was around RM5 (approx SGD1.60) — perfect for watercolour or acrylic paints. I also bought sparkly washi tapes at RM15 for two rolls.

Next, I went to LeSport Sac. I snagged a 2016 collection – Spring Fling Mickey Minnie Voyager at SGD87 — which I think may be the same price in Singapore, except that I could not find that design in SG. ( I found that eBay is selling this at USD99 and the original retail price last year was USD144!!)

Source: Pinterest

I also bought a LeSportsac x Disney Minnie Mouse Love Check XL rectangular cosmetic pouch (I’m a hopeless Disney fan!) at SGD30 that is big enough to hold my MacBook power charger and Bluetooth mouse! I did some research after and found it selling on Amazon for USD42.


Source: Pinterest


Besides my bag haul, there are many deals on shoes — but I only brought a small luggage!!! Sighz~~

You definitely need a full day to finish all the shops in the premium outlet. There are many shops offering pretty good deals there too.


How to get to Genting Highlands Premium Outlets

If you plan to holiday at Awana Resorts, it’s a no-brainer, just take the free shuttle to the Awana Bus Terminal.

If you are staying in Resort World Genting, the best way is still the cable car route, because it’s direct and only 10 minutes!


Some tips on taking Awana Skyway

My mum was afraid of taking the Awana Skyway as she had really bad experiences with the old and slow cable car systems and she felt it was quite dangerous. So to help everyone overcome their fear, let me give you a couple of tips and tricks that I had discovered that actually helped my mum and my aunt overcame their fears and also make the trip more memorable.

  1. Fill up the cable car entirely or sit with a near full cable car
    Interestingly, when we went down the hill, there were only 3 passengers — me, my mum and my aunt. The cable car sways much more than when we sat together with another five or six passengers. The evenly distributed weight of the passengers and the overall weight helped the cable car resist the crosswinds efficiently.
  2. Sit facing the direction of the route
    Sit facing the direction of the cable car route, not against it — it helps much more without the giddiness caused by the movement when one is back-facing in any transportation vehicle.
  3. Sit in the centre of the cable car
    This tip is tricky. The idea was to balance out the weight of the cable car evenly. For me, I was on the heavier-weight size gal, so when there was an even heavier gal sitting on the same side as me, I quickly switched places with my mum – coincidentally my seat was the one facing the route – hers wasn’t, thus even-out the weight distribution (plus route facing) dramatically reducing the chances of swaying of the car as well as back-facing giddiness. If there are fewer people in the car, try to sit in the centre where the impact of the sway was minimal (think amusement park pirate ship ride).
  4. Buy tickets for both ways at Sky Avenue Ticket Counter (or at embarkment point)
    Ticket are sold at RM8 for one-way on the cable car. To ease your mind for your way back up the hill, purchase tickets for both ways to save time queuing at the terminal for tickets.
  5. Flash your RWG membership card!
    Silver members and above have a priority lane. Flash your membership cards to skip the lines which are usually crowded with foreign tour groups. My aunt loved it — the shiokness of being a VIP. *winks*


Prices for Awana Skyway

Tickets for the standard gondola are priced at RM8 for individuals while Genting Rewards Card members can pay through point deduction system of 5GP per trip. An express boarding pass can be purchased for RM40. For the glass floor gondola, tickets are RM50 for an individual or 40GP for Genting Rewards Card Members.



Let me know of your own experience travelling up and down the hill on the cable car. I love to hear your stories. The cable car would be more exciting when the 20th-century fox theme park opens as it would glide across the park when it exits the Sky Avenue station. It would definitely be one photo everyone wants to take!



Awana Skyway

Address: Awana Skyway, Genting Highlands Resort, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 7 am –12 am

Ticket Prices: 
Standard Gondola one-way individual: RM8 / 5GP
Glass Gondola one-way individual: RM50 / 40GP
Express boarding pass: RM40  / Or Flash your premium membership card


Genting Highlands Premium Outlet

Address: 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 10 am –10 pm




Off to more shopping!



The Glass Gondola ride was made possible by Resort World Genting in Feb 2017.
Other and subsequent experiences were paid for by my own on a separate trip in July 2017.

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