Burger & Lobster has arrived in Genting Highlands!

Burger & Lobster has arrived in Genting Highlands!

Me at Wall of Lobster crates outside Burger & Lobster

Last month, my friends and I visited Resort World Genting’s newest Sky Avenue for some serious eating at one of the most anticipated menu in our list to eat — Lobsters!

Famous Uk-chain Burger & Lobster has finally arrived in Asia and decided their first landing to be in Malaysia’s Resort World Genting.


Burger & Lobster Entrance

Burger and Lobster is located in the spanking new mall that is extended from First World Plaza that linked all the way up to Genting’s Maxim’s Hotel. The interior of the restaurant is decorated in a thematic dining with the wall of 104 traditional lobster crate replicas with industrial steel banquettes and booths. I felt like I was in an “under the sea, lobster-only club”.


Interior of Restaurant
Interior of Restaurant
Me, Tiffany and Peps

The three of us decided we would order a myriad of dishes so we could taste our way across the entire menu. The menu was simple and straightforward, as how the restaurant’s motto is, specialising in a limited menu — but producing excellence quality in each of their dishes.


Our feast!

And here’s what we got:



The Chilli Lobster

Chilli lobster, served with signature brioche bread (RM168 / RM173)

Tiffany ordered the Chilli Lobster, which is the  lobster rendition of the famous chilli crab. The dish was served with a side of brioche bread which was an excellent compliment to the sauce which we cannot get enough of.

Overall, the sauce was milder and sweeter compared to the usual Singapore Chilli Crab, but nonetheless we were loving it and using it as our french fries dip when we ran out of brioche.



The B&L Burger

The B&L Burger (RM138 / RM153)

Peps order the B&L burger. Well, since Tiff and I do not eat beef, so Peps had did the honour of trying it. The B&L burger consist of a 224 grams of 100 percent Australian beef (no fillers!) and lobster meat topped with beef bacon, cheese, lettuces, tomatoes, onions and the restaurant’s in-house pickles with their secret sauce on a squid ink brioche bun.

According to Peps, the squid ink bun itself was nothing fancy but a tad dry, however the beef and lobster were bursting with juices, making it one of the best burger experience he has had.



The Seven Samurai Lobster Roll

The Seven Samurai Lobster Roll (RM95 / RM105)

We also ordered the lobster roll called the Seven Samurai. While everyone around me had been raving about this certain S brand Ice-cream restaurant’s lobster roll in Singapore(I have to roll my eyes here), I must say this definitely gonna rock your world if you are one of those that gave a thumbs up to the S brand restaurant’s one. Honestly, you haven’t tried the real thing~

The Lobster roll served at Burger & Lobster is made up of lobster salad — meat from the entire lobster into that one brioche bun topped with seven different spices.



Whole lobster meat in the roll!

While the brioche bread , is well, a brioche bread, still not in the top ten of my brioche list; the lobster salad is a well mix of salad sauce and WHOLE lobster meat. (Check out the pic below) Not chopped up till you can’t see the bits, or can’t get the bite, this one jams the entire shelled lobster into the bread in CHUNKS.

However, the only disappointment was that the spices were just sitting there at the top of the roll, so it’s one mouthful of spiciness, and the rest of it, the original lobster roll taste.



The Original

The Original lobster (grilled) (RM148 / RM153)

I ordered the Original Lobster, grilled, with garlic butter sauce. Honestly, to test whether the restaurant does their food well, always try out two items, their so-called signature item and the one item that displays skills in cooking instead of fancy ingredients (of course the freshness of the ingredients is key too).

Burger & Lobster imports Canadian lobsters weekly up the hill, so the lobsters could be as fresh as it can get! Of course, being one of the fortunate ones to have travelled to Boston and tasted what fresh lobsters are like, and good lobsters, I guess I could tell if the lobster was well done or not.


The lobster claw is huge!

With the amount of lobsters being hulled uphill, Burger & Lobster was able to make the lobsters affordable. Now, noting that the lobsters are imported weekly, it cannot be compared to those that I have tried that were cooked immediately off the sea and to the kitchen.

However, the lobster was still fresh and the meat texture was chewy and pleasurable in bites. The grilling of the lobster, well, most of us got one of the claw that was overcooked, otherwise, the rest of the lobster was pretty well done and as you can see the picture below — only fresh lobsters can you pull out the whole meat, without the meat sticking to the shell.


Whole lobster claw meat~

The garlic butter sauce gave the meat a smooth and creamy taste, elevating the overall dining experience. The side of salad did very well to cut off any over-oiliness of the butter with a tart lemon and balsamic vinaigrette dressing.  Overall, I had thoroughly enjoyed the meal.



The Time Keeper

The Time Keeper (RM21 / RM24)

As for drinks, we did try grapefruit soda and ginger soda but none was unforgettable. It was one of our other friends in our huge group that ordered this drink called ‘Time Keeper’ that blew our mind in terms of presentation and taste.

A concoction that consist of black tea, calamansi lime, kafir lime leaf and palm sugar, this drink was like teh-o and lime juice mixed together. The marriage of the two distinct flavours may give you some confusing sensation at first, but it was the best drink compared to our own selected ones.


Let’s dig in!

About the lobsters

We would definitely want to try ‘The Big Boys’ if our budget allowed, but these 3kg monsters get to live a little longer. The lobsters we tried were premium 650-700g fresh lobsters from Nova Scotia, Canada. Even though it is about 700g, we definitely had full bellies after that.


Giant Lobsters



A meal will set you back around RM200 inclusive of food and drinks.
Prices on their menu are inclusive of GST, but differ if you are a member or non-member (M/NM). In this case, I guess, producing your Genting member card does have its privileges compared to how Genting F&B outlets in the past has been doing — issuing points.

Check out their menu here:



Burger & Lobster

Address: SkyAvenue Level 1 69000 Genting Highlands, Genting Highlands, Pahang Darul Marmur, Malaysia.
Operation Hours: 11am – 10pm (weekdays), 11am – 11:30pm (Weekend)
Telephone: +60-3-61059186
Email: info@burgerandlobster-my.com
This restaurant do not take reservations.


After a delicious lunch, coffee anyone?
Look out for my next post as I share with you my experience at Cafe Richard!


More stories soon,


Disclaimer: Special thanks to Genting Highlands for this food tasting invitation. All comments and opinions are my own and are honest and true with no influence from sponsors.



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