The Novel Encounter Book Review

The Novel Encounter Book Review

When it comes to gifting someone a special gift, whether it’s birthday or going away, more times than not I will look for a present that the receiver will love and cherish and also practical.

There were the days I dread to received gift (especially around the holidays) or stocking stuffers that are just impractical or it screams ‘you-just-didn’t-know-me-that-well’.

There is one type of gift that adults loved to give to young children and now as an adult, I continue to appreciate receiving: books.

Books, to me, are often a portal to another world through words and a wealth of knowledge that encompassed an journey of adventure of the likes in discovery and reflection.

Taking a book to Travel
Taking a book to Travel

Recently I was very fortunate to receive a gift of knowledge and adventure from the founder of THE NOVEL ENCOUNTER.


The Novel Encounter

The Novel Encounter is a curated book gifting service that offers this mystery of books to their customers as well as those who want to purchase these books as a gift for someone. The books are all pre-wrapped in a nice textured paper with a hot wax seal of a stag (their brand logo) and a few words to give you an idea on what the book is inside.

The idea is simple and brilliant, and it as a gift – elegant and mysterious.

Book titles are all personally curated by the founder himself, and to many of his friends and fans of the service, the stories he recommended are well-loved and read. All the books offered by The Novel Encounter are well-written, critically-acclaimed contemporary fiction beloved by readers across the world.

Reading - A form of travel though words in a book
Reading – A form of travel though words in a book

I took my book on a travel, since travelling sometimes doesn’t really necessary meant a physical one, but bring the mind into another world though those books. Many of us knew what it would be like if you are a book-lover, and worlds like Harry Potter’s, Narnia’s, even to the simple classics like the Tom Sawyer or Cinderella; taking us on an adventure that sometimes, we dreamt we are the protagonist ourselves.


The Novel Encounter: Book 4: Parenthood and Courage
Book 4: Parenthood and Courage

Book 4: Courage and Parenthood

While I am not in the rush being a parent, the story itself capture the simple dream the protagonist have and how, despite many obstacles, disappointment and just trying to keep herself afloat, she found herself looking back later on to see she had fought her way to fulfill her dreams.

Of course, there was never a singular dream to chase but multiples; and it took all her life to not only realised that but to learn not only to be contented with her success, but to also learn when to let go.

Overall, the story was pretty simple but somehow I felt this book was given to me in my own times of uncertainty and internal turmoil and it had helped a little to reflect and also think about my life journey so far and how I wanted to move forward in life.


Pick a book

You can pick your book (based on the one liner in front of the packaging) from online.

There are also options where you can send flowers with a novel.


The Novel Encounter books are also available at New Majestic Hotel
If you prefer to have a look/feel of the book itself, The Novel Encounter curated books can also be found at New Majestic Hotel, Singapore  from November  2016.

For more information and latest updates, check out their website of facebook!


The Novel Encounter


More stories soon!




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