Japanese Authentic Onsen Experience: Yunomori Onsen & Spa

Japanese Authentic Onsen Experience: Yunomori Onsen & Spa

Yunomori Onsen and Spa

A spanking new authentic Japanese Onsen has opened recently at Kallang Wave Mall and I was invited for a sneak peek into the spa.

Let’s take a look together , shall we?

Shoe cabinets
Shoe Lockers

Upon entering the spa, you will be greeted with these rows of cabinets that you store your shoe in, before proceed into the rest of the onsen, barefoot.


RFID Tags: Hi-Tech & Cashless Tab

RFID Tag Wristlets

At the reception counter, you will be presented with a RFID tag wristlet. This wristlet will be the one contact point or all your purchases made inside. as well as the key to your locker for your belongings.


Separate Onsens

Separate onsens for females and males

Onsens are separated by gender. And nope, they don’t have onsens catered to couples.



Female Yukatas
Male Yukatas

You then will be provided with one bath towel, one wash towel, one set of yukata and disposable underwear (if you do not wish to go in the onsen pools naked.).

While you love to take home your yukatas, but for this moment, it’s not for sale.


Changing rooms

Personal Lockers
Female Changing Area and Dressing Tables
Male Changing Area and Dressing Tables

The changing rooms were decorated similarly for both female and male, but overall the female changing room and onsen areas are smaller because they followed the Japanese tradition that more males goes to onsens than females.


Sit down bathing area

Entering the Spa & Bath area
Sit down bathing area

The sit-down bathing area is an interesting place to note. It is open and not individual cubicles. I wonder how most of us ladies who are shy about our bodies will react to this shower area.

Shower Amenities

Of course, shower amenities are all provided so you can zip in and out with ease.


Onsen Pools

Female Onsen Pools (Click to open a bigger picture)
Male Onsen Pools (Click to open a bigger picture)

Now, you see the male spa pools are much larger than the female ones.  The primary reason was that they were following traditions in Japan that man uses the spa baths more than women.

Layout of Spa Pools
Layout of Spa Pools
* No.5 and 7 are only available in Men’s spa.

Here’s a chart that tells you all about the different pools.

The soda pool is the one with the carbon dioxide bubbles.

The rest of the pools are technically pools that uses sophisticated technology to generate different size of air bubbles that improves your body wellness.

I also have been told that the hot bath is the onsen — mineral rich pools. And apparently it is only available in the men’s side of the spa. Sighz.  However, seeing that there is a variety of pools, the experience should not much differ.



Steam Room (Available in both female and male spa rooms)
Sauna Room (For Male Spa only)

While there is a steam room for both female and male onsen, only the sauna is available in the male onsen. Yunomori’s personnel mentioned that they had found in their research, that females do not like sauna rooms. I don’t know if that has an ounce of truth, however, personally I don’t like sauna rooms either.


Massage Services

Massage Rooms

Besides the onsen spa baths, Yunomori also provides different massage services too.

Here below is the list of pricing for the massage treatments.


Yunomori offers a variety of massage ranging from Traditional Thai massages, oil massages and foot massages. Yunomori began its humble beginnings in Thailand.

Couple Massage Rooms
Massage Rooms

The rooms are bright and cosy and for massage, there is a choice to have a couple room.


Snooze lounge

Snooze Couches

Interestingly, the spa encourages you to take a snooze in between your dips and massage. They have an area with comfy couches and blankets for you to take a nap whenever you need it.


Yunomori Spa Cafe

Salmon Set
Hamburger Set
Oden Set
Japanese Set



















15 Replies to “Japanese Authentic Onsen Experience: Yunomori Onsen & Spa”

  1. i’m so planning to visit this place soon! but why are sauna and hot bath only available in men’s spa? perhaps they should tweak it to local market standards. i’m pretty sure they should be targeting the ladies more than the men here.

  2. I was very close to stepping into an onsen earlier this year when I visited Japan but I am a bit too shy for such a bold thing. I have done Turkish Hamam and that too was boldest thing ever done. But your photographs are so beautiful that I am tempted to try it!

  3. I am not really a spa person. I am also not comfortable with bathing naked with other people around. I guess this would be a personal choice for customers. The place looks very good and clean and classy.

  4. Everything looks snazzy! I definitely would love to spend time in the bath and spa area and the massage lounges. The ambiance is relaxing and soothing.

  5. Superbly clean and spacious for spa-goers! I liked the way this spa manage their guests to satisfaction. The food “Japanese Set: is really for me….Hoping for brighter days ahead of this new establishment.

  6. You definitely weren’t kidding when you said spanking new spa, it’s really breathtaking! Even the bathrooms look amazing and the whole place has this relaxing aura, like you’re definitely in for a treat!

  7. I’ve tried a similar spa here and it was really relaxing. It even had hot and cold rooms you can spend time on. I’m impressed with how huge the place is and the technology they use.

  8. Hey, it’s so not true! I love the sauna! But with so many other options, I’m happy to opt for the others… I’m glad there’s a table guide to tell us what’s the benefits of each bath to our body~

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