I went shopping at Waterway Point…

Yeah, so what? Just shopping at Waterway Point only! What’s so unique about this post? Well, I am posting this because this suaku (aka me) went shopping at Waterway Point — the newest shopping mall in Singapore for the first time and thanks to Frasers Centrepoint Malls, Fashion experts from Waterway Point showed me where I can buy clothes — PLUS SIZE! Especially for my size, it’s hard to find places to shop!! So come shopping with me!!


Yishion 以纯

Eh-eh… don’t under estimate this brand from Hong Kong yeah? They have over 3000 designers all over the world producing quality apparels with prices that won’t burn your wallet!! They may have many branches in Singapore BUT their apparel range differs in every branch! So it means you need to check out every store and branch to check out the different range. 

However, worry not, Waterway Point branch has the biggest range from Children to Adult.

Best Part: Sizes ranges from S to XXXL.

If the sizes are not there, ask the retail assistants. They have a sophisticated system that will track every size and piece so big girls like me definitely get the right fit for the latest fashion.

Pricing? Ranges $20 ~ $50. Not expensive right!!

Now I can be like them too….(okay la… sort of!)

Jun Ji-hyun x Yishion

Jun Ji-hyun  x  Yishion

GEM - Deng Zi Qi - Yishion Ambassador

GEM Deng Zi Qi  x  Yishion


Yes, Espirit has bigger sizes but I have to say, not every piece in its largest size fits me. However, the branch in Waterway Point is one of the largest in Singapore and they do have sizes up to XL or size 40 to 42 that fits plus size girls like me.

I must tell you, I shop like crazy there, so no time to take video or picture!!



Yup, another clothing line that carries bigger sizes…
Not exactly. Just like Espirit, not every piece can fit me.

But I want to highlight this: Clothes Recycling

Every one bag of clothes entitles you to a 15% discount coupon on H&M items.
So, now that new bag I have been eyeing the whole time?? Here I come!!!

Also check out more about H&M Conscious website and more about their garment recycling programme here: http://www.hm.com/sg/garment-collecting


Do you know?

GG>5 is a local brand?

Yup, GG>5 retails formal dresses and office wear is a local brand and they do offer pretty trendy clothes. (Not plus size though.)


You can get your optical specs done in a day? 

Yup! At EGG optical, I managed to get my specs done within two hours. It was a PC lens and is super lightweight and good to wear in front of the PC to protect your eyes away from those nasty blue-light rays.


You can get durian puree desserts at Ji De Chi?
Yup, no need to go for durian buffet already. Drop by Ji De Chi (at Basement 2) desserts house and get your durian crave satisfied!


Waterway Point was awarded Green Mark Certification?

Yup! Waterway Point was built, designed to be green with lots of environmental friendly features. It also aligned itself to Punggol’s eco-town vision of enabling a better access to green spaces and encouraging an active lifestyle. Thus, it’s right next to the Punggol waterway park!

You can have a peace of mind of a lower carbon footprint when shopping at Waterway Point. Remember to refuse a paper bag/ plastic bag when you don’t need one and up your game on recycling with H&M!



More stories soon!






The above info tour and shopping trip at Waterway Point was made possible by Fraser Centrepoint Mall. All opinions are my own.

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