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The internet-sphere welcomes, delighting artisan coffee lovers from every corner of Singapore. is a platform that connects coffee lovers with the best coffee brands in the world, where we can buy artisan coffee beans and blends from unique specialty coffee from roaster-owned cafes from anywhere in London, Mebourne, Beijing to Singapore with just a click away.



The Coffee Man Film

The recent media launch also showcased The Coffee Man Film; a documentary that took us on a coffee journey of acclaimed Bosnian-born Australian Sasa Sestic from hunting wild coffee cherries and coffee farms in countries like Ethopia, Honduras and Columbia to the hi-strung drama at the World Barista Championships, chasing his goal of that perfect cup of coffee.

There were many nerve-wrecking, palm-sweating moments for me when I watched the documentary but there was one particular moment when Sasa fell sick just after heats and he was placed on drip sitting in the hospital; that this one phrase from a Taiwanese drama that rang loudly in my head:

“在我还没有全力以赴, 不到筋疲力尽, 束手无策之前,我绝对不会放弃。
否者, 就太对不起那个曾经充满梦想,一身热血的自己。”


“If I haven’t given it my all, and I haven’t used up every last ounce of energy
and used every method available to me, I definitely won’t give up.
Or else, I would would have failed that self that was filled with dreams and passion”

Reflecting back to my own journey in chasing my dreams; his determination and his single-minded obsession to get to where he wanted, no doubt a huge team effort; really made a huge impact on me.


Sasa Sestic - 2015 World Barista Competition Champion

With 2015 World Barista Competition Champion – Sasa Sestic Of Passion and Dreams

Interestingly, I met the mother of one of the founders of and her being a social butterfly, we manage to chat up many topics, including understanding the journey her son took up till the day of the media launch.

When I asked her if she was proud of his son’s start-up?
Surprisingly, her reply to me was:”This was only just the beginning.”

She candidly shared those “behind the scenes” moments from the perspective of a mother. Recounting the days she spent cleaning up her son’s apartment to supporting her son’s airfare to Melbourne to chase his cup of good coffee, she had admitted that she still did not understand what her son was doing but quietly gave her support wherever she could.

Just like Sasa’s dream being supported by his family, there I was listening to a similar story of how parents supporting their child of their dreams. And to get where is today, it was definitely a huge team effort from various investors, IMDA incubators and family members.



Chasing the Perfect Cup

From The Coffee Man Film, you can see those baristas, roasters, cafes from around the world chasing the perfect cup of coffee. Unlike us muggles, devoid of the talent of making that perfect cup, is definitely the Diagon Alley that sells that dream blend that we can enjoy.

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