Airbnb House Tour in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan

Airbnb House Tour in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan


I booked into an Airbnb on my recent trip to Japan.
Join me in my house tour to see this apartment I am living in!!!






Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored or paid post. I paid for the all accommodation expenses.

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  1. I heard that the situation regarding AirBnB is getting worse in Japan.. I have booked 3 AirBnB stays for my trip this November to December.. I wonder if everything will be fine…

    1. Hi Nareshwini,
      I heard about it as well.
      I will suggest you to prepare a backup plan first. Hope you will never use it, but nevertheless, it’s good to have it.

      For the rooms you have booked with the Japanese owners, try to keep in constant contact with them and voice your concern over this situation and find out from them how the situation is over there.

      Constant communication is key, so to ensure that you still have a place to stay when you are in Japan.

      If you fear about the booking rental money that you have paid via Airbnb, I am sure if situation in Japan gets worse, your money is still safe because the money is usually only release to the owner when you have reached the place and that you have accepted that the place is okay to stay.
      So you can always get the refund from Airbnb. This is also to safeguard the users against the owners who may have scammed people.

      I have a friend who uses Airbnb in Hongkong previously and was deceived twice when the property was bogus or was double booked. She requested refunds from Airbnb and it was fine.

      However, because she didn’t have a backup plan, so she had to put up in Hotels which raised her budget significantly.

      For Japan, besides Airbnb, you can look into Ryokans and inns. My Australian friend said ryokans and small inns are pretty decent too but for me I do preferred experiencing living within the locals. Also, I preferred my own toilet, which is very hard to find in ryokans.

      You can also stay in lower star-rating hotels, which may help on your budget; or hotels nearer to Disneyland which have bigger rooms (albeit slightly expensive but it will be much more worthwhile if you have a big group).

      Hope this info helps. 🙂

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