2015 Delihub buffet catering review

2015 Delihub buffet catering review

After lots of boo-boo from my relatives last year (2014 Christmas) when I ordered from another caterer for my Christmas gathering, I have decided to return to DeliHub instead. Although it is considered a safe choice for me to cater for my relatives (because they have many favourite dishes from this caterer), DeliHub never disappoint.

Layout of my buffet spread on top of my new kitchen counter
Layout of my buffet spread on top of my new kitchen counter

They had up their game again in their catering offerings.
I had again ordered the Passion Delight B Menu for Christmas, simply because the Christmas menu will not have my relatives’ favourite dish — Rendang Chicken. It was then I realised that while the price of the menu set remains the same, the number of dishes in the catering menu has went up.

Here’s what in the list for this year’s menu:

Olio Aglio Seafood Spaghetti
Italian Seafood Aglio Olio Spaghetti


Thai Mango Fish

My catering agent (the lovely Sylvia) has offered me an alternative when I was not satisfied with one of the item in the menu list. Instead of the usual fish options, she offered me something off the menu list — Thai Mango fish. Like what she had described, the fish was delicious.

Sauteed Broccoli with mushrooms


Cereal Prawn

The Cereal Prawn used to be one of the most popular dish in the buffet line for my relatives before the other dishes like the satay and rendang won over the hearts or rather, their stomachs.

Black Pepper Beef


Rendang Chicken
Rendang Chicken

The must have for my relatives. While I am not someone who loves spicy food, I ordered this so all my relatives can enjoy it.

If I were to put into perspective how delicious this was, I shall quote my cousin.

“The chicken, curry and the potatoes are bffs in this one!” She said.

Siew Mai
Siew Mai

My all time favourite. Nothing great about this, but it is definitely yummy enough. Just chicken siew mai.

Sotong Youtiao
Sotong Youtiao

Interestingly, this turns out to be quite popular as well. While I thought it would be a dish that only I will enjoy, but everyone gave thumbs up to this.

Chicken Satay
Chicken Satay

Of course, I had to order this. While two years back this was an extra order outside the menu, this year, this dish is inside the menu itself.


Desserts and Cold Cuts Table
Desserts and Cold Cuts Table

Not forgetting the famous bo bo cha cha, and as usual, went out so soon I hardly had a chance to taste it, my favourite chocolate eclairs and my usual additional order of the turkey ham, just to get into the Christmas mood.

Food quality wise, I had my mind at ease because Neogarden (parent company of Delihub) constantly pushes the standard of their food quality higher up.

Incidentally, I was also helping some of my relatives order their Christmas or company’s buffet because they liked their food very much!

Overall, I am very satisfied with Delihub. With one set of my relative family being Muslim, having the Halal certification for their food definitely put my Muslim cousins and uncles at ease and were able to mingle around with the rest of my Chinese/ non-Muslim relatives!

Here is a summary of what I ordered:

Type of Buffet: Passion Delight B
No. of people: 30pax
Price: $17.99 (Festive Price)

Menu Items:
01. Rice/ Noodle: Italian Seafood Aglio Olio
02. Vegetables: Sauteed Broccoli with Mushroom
03. Prawn: Cereal Prawn
04. Fish: Thai Mango Fish^
05. Chicken: Rendang Chicken
06. Deluxe Deep Fried: Sotong You Tiao
07. Dim Sum: Steamed Chicken Siew Mai
08. Dessert: Hot Bo Bo Cha Cha
09. Drinks: Fruit Punch
10. Others: Barbequed Chicken Satay
11. Pastry: Mini Chocolate Eclair
12. Salad: Potato Salad
13. Delicacy: Black Pepper Beef
Add-ons: Honey Bake Ham with Pineapple Glazed Sauce
Buffet Order = 30 X $17.99        = $539.70
Add-On                                          = $  38.80
Delivery and Collection Charge = $  50.00

Subtotal                                         = $628.50
GST                                                 = $  44.00
Grand Total                                   = $672.50


Hope my review helps in making your catering choice!!
How about you? Which brand and what kind of buffet do you order? I would love to find out and also know what other choices I can order for my next Christmas party!!

More stories soon and I’m excited to hear from you!



Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored nor paid. I have paid for the buffet myself.

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