Life, Recently. #LifeRecently

Life, Recently. #LifeRecently


Sometimes, life throws you a curve ball.
Sometimes, life tells you it’s time.

Time to stop, time to change, time to move on. I have heard it. That voice.
That faraway familiar voice with a soft touch on my shoulder, telling me that:
“It’s time to go. You have completed your mission here.”

Have you had such a calling in your mind?

Sometimes, I am still in awe how much courage I had to leave my previous workplace after close to a decade and bravely step into a world I have no experience in besides what I have learnt in school and of course, in blogging. It is scary as it is exciting.

Yet, I did not falter in my decisions or felt jitters that anticipation brought about. The transition in my life was as calm as still water; and it was truly magnificently imagining a great big sailing ship glide across that smooth surface.

Now sitting on that sail ship, I am off to venture into a new frontier. There are still many unknown, open waters waiting for me to chart them onto my map of life.


Quoting explorer Christopher Columbus:

Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World.
No one should fear to undertake any task in the name of our Saviour, if it is just and if the intention is purely for His holy service.



Yes, I am setting sail and this is my #LifeRecently .






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