TOUS Floral Touch Fragrance — Youthful, flirty, carefree

Fragrance evokes emotions and memories, that’s why when I travel, I’ll buy a fragrance. DKNY Apple reminded me of New York, Hollister August (discontinued) reminded me of my trip to Connecticut, Victoria Secret Dream Angels Divine reminded me of Los Angeles and The Body Shop White Gardenia (discontinued) reminded me of Hawaii.

Some fragrance also reminded you of your past lovers, a forgotten relationship or an unforgettable memory. Just a whiff of that familiar scent and your mind will bring you back to that time and space.

That’s what fragrance is to me. In one of my many previous part-time jobs, I was acquainted with fragrances and I help customers decide what fragrance to buy. Using different fragrant notes and characteristics, I conjured up a profiling system that aided me many times, and the best compliments were “this really smell like him/her“.

And that brings us back to the picture above. That was almost close to the first image when I first smelt TOUS Floral Touch, except that the garden was filled with peonies and gardenias, colours were soft pink and creamy white.


TOUS Floral Touch Launch

TOUS Floral Touch Launch

A early spring morning where the warm sunshine kissed every living thing on Earth, and a girl dressed in white decided to dance a simple ballet in her new set of ballet shoes. Peonies open their flower buds as she crosses their path, greeting in harmony with her movement as her skin glow a light gold hue in the cosy sunlight.


TOUS Floral Touch

TOUS Floral Touch

Jeweller TOUS presents a limited collection perfume — TOUS Touch Floral Edition. This floral edition emphasized a fruity side to the signature floral character of its TOUS Touch range and in my opinion, it also a more youthful fragrance in comparison to its sophisticated predecessors.


TOUS Touch Range Fragrances

TOUS Touch Range Fragrances

TOUS Floral Touch contains citrus top notes of mandarin and bergamot, complimented with a touch of violet leaf.

The heart of the fragrance is filled with white flowers like gardenia, jasmine and tuberose. The bouquet is soft, silky and creamy; gentle yet radiant.

The base is rounded out with nectarine and warmed with sandalwood and white musk.


TOUS Floral Touch

TOUS Floral Touch

On paper this fragrance is pink and fresh, the sharp notes of violet and jasmine fills the nostrils. Yet when it is gently warmed on the skin, in reaction to individual’s skin oils, the warm sunny fruity bouquet of gardenia, mandarin and nectarine takes centre stage creating the intoxicating perfume of femininity.


TOUS range of fragrances

TOUS range of fragrances

There are many other fragrances by TOUS, but in my opinion the TOUS Floral Touch is the best one yet, trailing right behind would be Rosa eau legere, which bears a more distinctive rose fragrance.


This beautiful limited edition perfume will be available in Singapore from September 2015 exclusively at all SASA outlets.


TOUS Floral Touch Media Launch

TOUS Floral Touch Media Launch

Thank you SASA for the invitation for this media launch!


More stories soon!


13 thoughts on “TOUS Floral Touch Fragrance — Youthful, flirty, carefree

  1. Kathy Lacuna

    I agree with you. Fragrance evokes good memories for me too. I am partial to light floral scents so I think TOUS floral fragrances will be worth trying. And I love the packaging too.

  2. Mia Foo

    i vaguely remember this brand from the fragrance promo sasa was having a while back. was totally attracted to their packaging because it’s so beautiful!

  3. Elizabeth O.

    I love floral scents, I normally choose it over the fruity ones. I’ve never heard of this brand before, but since they offer floral scented perfume, then I’m sure this is worth a try!

  4. Claire Algarme

    I also buy fragrances when I travel. I haven’t tried TOUS Floral Touch Fragrance just yet, but I’d like to smell how strong it is. I usually buy perfumes that are not too strong, such as the Elizabeth Ardent Green Tea. The packaging of TOUS also looks cute. It’s very feminine.

  5. Tiffany Yong

    I never thought smell will evoke anything until I had experienced the breakup. Even a scent in the shopping mall will remind me of the memories that happened… However, I have yet to find one that will evoke new and good memories…

  6. Fred

    Fragrance is one of the sense which the internet cannot provide. This is something we really have to smell first in person before we can judge and buy.

  7. Amanda Love

    Whenever I want to buy a new fragrant, floral scents are what I usually steer towards. They just make me feel a lot more girly and playful. I’d love to try this one or maybe I can get it as a gift.

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