Shop at Rakuten with Coupon Codes & get Cashback with ShopBack

Shop at Rakuten with Coupon Codes & get Cashback with ShopBack

Close colleagues and friends would know I shop a ridiculous amount on online websites like Taobao and Rakuten and stuff get delivered to my office in gunny sacks.




But never will I thought that I could get cashback just for shopping the things I wanted, heck since many friends leverage on my shopping account online, I can even earn cashback on their purchases as well!

Someone introduced me to this website called Shopback and it gives a percentage of cashback on the purchases you buy on their affiliated partners through tracked purchases from those website.

At first glance, it has quite a lot of travel websites and hotel websites that drew my attention, after all, I love travel and any savings is a welcome for me, but it was their new addition of Taobao web that truly got my attention.

Since I usually buy gunny sacks worth of goods from Taobao, I definitely can now save more with cashback when shopping at TaoBao! The process is quite easy actually, if those of you are familiar with daigou services, the process is pretty much the same.



You should check it out. They teach you step by step on how to get cashback on taobao shopping. Besides Taobao, you can also save with Rakuten cashback. I have been eyeing this one bag on Rakuten for awhile now, and with 5% cashback, I will be looking at about $20 cashback (the bag I was looking at cost about $400!)


And you know what? Christmas is coming and I definitely need to start saving and what better to shop and still get a percentage of money back? Nice right?

I will definitely be looking to go for another shopping spree soon, this time using shopback. Have you used shopback before? If you have do share your experience with me, I want to know!!



More lobangs soon!



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