1 Tokyo Skytree ticket, 3 spectacular views

Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree

The latest addition to the Tokyo skyline is this broadcasting antenna that has been modelled after a Samurai sword. To me it look a lot more like a katakana stick. The Tokyo Skytree stands at 634m tall and entered the Guiness World Records as the World’s Tallest Tower on 17 Novmeber 2011.

Humans have long been fascinated in high rises, typically places high up in the sky where they can leisurely look down to the ground and be amazed by the human creation of what had made a beautiful city.

I have been to a few high places across the world, namely the Baiyoke Sky in Bangkok, Thailand the flyer in Singapore, also the ion Sky in Singapore, 101 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Now adding to this list would be the Tokyo Skytree.

Entrance Ticket

Entrance Ticket

I had decided to visit the SkyTree after my trip to the Asakusa Sensōji, by which it was already in the evening.

Honestly, I had not expect what I was about to find out but since I want to seize the day (and I do not have many days left of my trip in Japan), I went ahead with this plan.

Although it is a new tourist destination, I have not expected the turnout to be this humongous.

The seriously long queue of people~

The seriously long queue of people~

Although the queuing time was not horrendously long, it was still a sight to behold. Throngs of people wait patiently for their turn to get up up to the Tembo deck via the extra-fast elevator called the Tembo shuttle.

View from Tembo deck

View from Tembo deck

The Tembo deck is at the height of 350m, which roughly translated about 175 storeys based on the standard floor to ceiling height of buildings in Singapore.

However, at SkyTree, Tembo deck is also considered to be at Floor 350.

The entire Tembo deck is pretty much a spiral downward pathway from Floor 350 to Floor 345.

If being at 350m up in the air isn’t high enough, you might want to purchase an additional ticket to the Tembo Galleria which is at 450m high (that’s about 225 Storeys!)

The ticket to get up to the Tembo Galleria is sold separately from the main ticket and can only be purchased on the Tembo deck itself.

Duh, since I’m there already, might as well go all the way up!!!!!

So another ride on another separate shuttle skywards to 450m.


Tokyo from 450m High
Hazy sky, mist enveloping the city

Hazy sky, mist enveloping the city

If you ask me, the views at Tembo Galleria (Floor 450) and the Tembo deck (Floor 350) does not make much difference. The only difference?

Experience of vertigo. Unfortunately for me, vertigo strikes me when I was at 450m. (So much for aiming high~)
I did not get headaches or felt my world spinning, but I felt a lump in my throat and that constant feeling of almost vomitish.

Due to the extra fee, there were less visitors at the Tembo Galleria deck, which was really nice since no one would be squeezing themselves and hoard a space by the window.

After I felt I could not hold that vertigo anymore, I retreated to the Tembo deck. It was already evening and the sun was setting.


Tokyo Sunset

I guess while I was not fortunate enough to withstand the vertigo, I was still fortunate to spot a beautiful sunset from 450m high.

The sun rays cast a golden glow onto the Earth below and the fog and mist from the urban environment gave Tokyo city a cloak of mystery.

Golden cast in the Western Sky

Golden cast in the Western Sky

From the 350m high windows

From the 450m high windows

Sunset with Tokyo Tower in the distance

Sunset with Tokyo Tower in the distance

“Neatly stacked”


Sunset from 350m high

Sunset from 450m high

Tokyo Sunset from 350m high

Tokyo Sunset from 350m high

Sunset from Skytree

Sunset from SkyTree

Tokyo Sunset from Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Sunset from Tokyo SkyTree

The sunset was one of the most beautiful ones I have seen in my life.

I decided that since the throngs of tourist bus below would be taking the trains of tourist off the SkyTree for dinner, I would stay until the sun is gone and wait for the city lights to turn on.


Coffee at 350m Skyward

So while I waited, I took a short coffee break at the SkyTree Cafe.

A cuppa from the top of the world

A cuppa from the top of the world

Dusk at Tokyo SkyTree

Dusk at Tokyo SkyTree


Tokyo at Night

Night falls and the city lights up spreading glitter around the cityscape.

The city was dotted with orange lights from the road lights, white lights from buildings and red high building indicator lights blinking away in synchronization; much like someone had programmed this way.

Night scene at Tokyo SkyTree

Night scene at Tokyo SkyTree – Sakura Bridge and Shirahige Bridge

Night Scenery of Tokyo

Night Scenery of Tokyo – Azuma Bridge, Sumida River

Tokyo Tower lights up at night!

Tokyo Tower lights up at night!

It was then I realised:
I have seen Tokyo in 3 different lights. Day, Sunset and Night.
All with one ticket.


3 views with 1 ticket

There isn’t a secret tip to this, just that it is crucial to be there within the right time frame (factoring in the queuing time) to enjoy the 3 different views.

When you are planning for a trip there, remember to check the sunset timing so that you can get there in time to watch the golden sun disappear into the horizon.

Tokyo SkyTree Mascots

Tokyo SkyTree Mascots

Here’s a video I had made for my trip to Tokyo SkyTree!


Cheap and cute souvenir!
Doraemon with Tokyo SkyTree

Doraemon with Tokyo SkyTree

Crayon Shin-chan's doggie with SkyTree Tower

Crayon Shin-chan’s doggie with SkyTree Tower

If you are someone like me who likes to get a piece of where I went, the tendency of spending is great. Touristy places usually have expensive souvenirs.

But at Tokyo SkyTree, I spotted one machine which bears the Hallmark of the Japanese culture that provides you with an experience as well as a cute souvenir to bring home!

The Capsule Machine

The Capsule Machine

The capsule machine is a machine which is famous in Japan as well as the cute items that they have in each capsule.

The variety of mobile strap from the machine

The variety of mobile strap from the machine

I was aiming for the pink one (third from the left on the top row) or the silver one (third from the left on the bottom row)

Surprise surprise!

Surprise surprise!

After inserting in two 100 Yen coins, I turn the dial in anticipation.

I got my pink colour strap!

I got my pink colour strap!

To my surprise, I got what I wanted!!! WHICH WAS A BIG DEAL TO ME!!!!!

200 Yen, a good memory and an mobile strap which I wanted, it’s the most value-for-money souvenir EVER.


How to get there

From Yamanote Line, change from Ueno Station to Skytree Shuttle
From Asakusa station, take the Toei Asakusa Line and alight at Oshiage (Skytee) Station


Admission Tickets

It’s cheaper to book the tickets earlier on the web.

*Ticket price Information taken from SkyTree website as of Dec 2014) Prices may subject to changes.

CategoryAdultJuniorsChildchild Pre-school
18 and over12 – 17 years old6 – 11 years old4 – 5 years old
High School/ Junior High School studentsElementary School students
Day Ticket
(no time assignment)
Advance Purchase
(day/time assigned)
Tickets purchased on the day only
  • Children aged 3 years or under are free. The child price applies to elementary school students aged 12 and the junior price to high school students aged 18.
  • *1 Please purchase tickets on the day at the Ticket Counter on the 4th floor of TOKYO SKYTREE.
  • *2 Please purchase in advance online through the “TOKYO SKYTREE Web Ticket (Japanese language only site)”. The price includes a day/time assignment charge.
  • *3 No advance purchase. Please purchase tickets on the day at the Ticket Counter located on the TOKYO SKYTREE TEMBO DECK (350m).



Tokyo SkyTree

1-1-2 Oshige Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Opening Hours: 8:00am – 10:00pm.
Web: http://www.tokyo-skytree.jp/en/



More stories soon!


21 thoughts on “1 Tokyo Skytree ticket, 3 spectacular views

  1. R U S S

    I have been here and it’s just glorious! I’m glad that you’ve had the chance to visit Tokyo Skytree. It’s one of those places that I would gladly visit again the next time I’m back to this beautiful country. I have to say, they also come up with the most unique and the best kinds of souvenirs.

    1. eliz frank

      They sure do. I love Japan too and still have all the souvenirs from my last trip there. I even have my Tokyo Tower keychain. Haha! 🙂

  2. Tiffany Yong

    I wasn’t going to pay to stay there whole day, but I really like the neatly stacked buildings and night view. Well, I think it’s nice that you took the photos. Save me from having to go myself! >.< 😛

  3. Raymond Vasquez

    Wow! Tokyo! Tokyo! Tokyo! It pains me that Tokyo is not part of my itinerary this year. But would really really really love to witness these sceneries myself. I’ve already planned going there, but it seems like it’s not as easy as Thailand, Cambodia, SG or Malaysia. Hmmm, but will definitely visit this City! And practice my just earned Japanese language (degree) hahaa,,

  4. MapleMouseMama

    Wow, what an incredible experience! Those views are breathtaking. I would have been too nervous to go to the Tembo Deck, but good for you for going even higher to the Galleriea. How cool!

  5. papaleng

    a ticket for 3 spectacular views, wow, that;s a fair deal. Tokyo is indeed a very nice City to visit. Thanks for sharing us some panoramic view of the city from up high.

  6. Fred Hawson

    Are there iconic buildings you’d like to see from the tower? Like those you can see from the Eiffel tower or Empire State Bldg? By the way, for your word ‘vomitish’, check out the word ‘nauseous’. 🙂

    1. Pingerrain Post author

      Thanks, Fred!
      I guess, my brain wasn’t functioning as my mind was blank when”I was trying to think of similar words to ‘vomitish’.
      will edit that.

      Actually on a clear day, Mount Fuji can be seen.
      But yes, I saw Tokyo Tower which too I wanted. 🙂

  7. eliz frank

    Please let me know if my last comment came through. I love the photos you took at the top of Skytree. I will add it to my places to visit list for next time I’m in Japan.

  8. Vanessa

    Getting 3 views with 1 ticket is a great chance to see these breathtaking sights! I especially loved the night scene at Tokyo SkyTree, it looks so magical, really breathtaking scenery!

  9. Mia Foo

    i love japan and after visiting osaka, kyoto, nara and kobe, i’m still planning to return to japan soon! however, tokyo has never been in my plans. but for this skytree, i might change my mind!

  10. leybainpublic

    Really fine place to visit! Sky Tree will be one of my future destinations. Hopefully, I can visit Tokyo soon!

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