Tokyo Disneyland: Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall

Tokyo Disneyland: Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall

I wanted to experience a thematic restaurant meal whilst I was in Disneyland.

Since I arrived late at Disneyland, I was not able to experience the classic disney character breakfast in Disneyland.

This Alice in Wonderland theme restaurant was right next to the “It’s a small world” ride and I was already hungry at that time I exited the ride so I thought to give this restaurant a try.

Queen of Hearts Restaurant entrance

Deco in Disneyland restaurants are always amazing. Themes are played throughout the restaurant as well as in their food.


Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall Restaurant is a cafeteria style restaurant.

Queen of Hearts Tray

It is a common belief that the food in theme parks are often sub-par yet expensive.

I order the Rotisserie chicken with garlic seasoning (I don’t eat beef) and a Caesar salad, seeing that the salad was made and tossed on the spot.

Japanese Fake Food Display

I didn’t buy any desserts the total cost of the chicken and salad I ordered was already over my meal budget, so I decided to photograph the cute desserts instead.

Chocolate cake
Chocolate cake
Strawberry Cheesecake
Strawberry Cheesecake
Strawberry Swiss roll with souvenir plate

As the period I was in Disney happened to be their 30th anniversary, anyone who was 30 years old then were eligible to purchase this birthday cake. ONLY 30 year old park goers were eligible. :S

30th Anniversary Birthday Cake

Just these 2 items (below) alone cost about 2800 Yen (about SGD$36.40 @ rate 0.013).

It’s slightly pricey for my budget and seeing that adding a drink or dessert will throw the cost over $40 plus, I decided not to take any dessert or drink. Water is free. (lol~)

What I ordered

The food reminds me of Ikea cafe. I guess it was because the chicken were cooked way before hand and plated upon ordering, it does not have the “fresh from the pan” taste. The chicken and salad were decent, I wouldn’t mind eating there again if I was back in Disneyland but I think I will want to try other places other than Queen of Hearts again.

This thematic cafe appeals more visually than food wise.

This cafe is only recommended to those who loves Alice in Wonderland. Else, I think let’s look to somewhere else for better food.


More stories soon~


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