Christmas DIY: Jazz up your presents to make it more special!

If you are thinking to up your game in gift wrapping but have no idea how to go about it?

Here’s a simple method you can try:


You will need:

  • Wooden Clothes Pegs
  • Mini Christmas Ornaments or Silk Poinsettia flowers
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors
  • Cutters/ Pliers



Ornament Pegs

Ornament Pegs


Step 01: Apply some glue to the wooden peg.

Step 01

Step 01: Apply some glue


Step 02: Stick the figurine ornament to the wooden peg… and you are done!

Step 02

Step 02: Stick it in place!


Floral Pegs
Floral Pegs

Floral Pegs


Step 01: Prep the flowers.

Technically, you want all the components to have a flat-back to adhere properly to the peg. Unlike the Santa Claus ornament which is pretty difficult to have a flat back (unless you saw it in half), you can remove the backing and cut off the stem at the back of the flower to achieve a flat back.

Step 01: Remove the backing

Step 01: Remove the backing


Step 02: Apply hot glue to the wooden peg.

Step 01

Step 02: Apply some hot glue


Step 03: Stick the petals to the peg… and you are done!

You may also want to add an additional dot of hot glue inbetween the petals to secure the petals and the stamen.

Step 03

Step 03: Stick it in place


FINALLY…Peg it in place to the present!
Unique and jazzy present

Unique and jazzy present


Some Variations

You can use your creativity to explore different styles and variations for this peg.




Hope this tutorial is useful!!

If you decide to create them, do drop me a comment or send me a photo of your wrapped present. I will love to see them!!!



More stories soon,




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