Tokyo Disneyland – Cinderella Castle Tour

Cinderella Castle

The Cinderella castle is an icon in every Disneyland around the world. Just so happen, Cinderella is also my favourite Disney Princess. So naturally, I have to make a visit to her castle!!!


Queue time for Cinderella Castle Tour

Queue time for Cinderella Castle Tour

I am very sure when one goes to a place and explore, they rarely look UP, well unless you are looking at skyscrapers. Cinderella castle was filled with many different Cinderella themed artwork and of course, the throne room and the famous glass slipper (you will see the photos downstream) but what actually fascinates me when the word “castle” is involved are more to the word “light”.

Let me explain.

I always love how the architecture of castles also includes turrets and beautifully arch windows with incredible high ceiling for its interiors. Just like how Michelangelo created the beautiful artwork in Sistine Chapels, the ceiling of the interior of ANY castle lures my curiosity. For this Cinderella Castle, it was the chandeliers that intrigues me.

Medieval style chandelier

Medieval style chandelier

Living in the modern apartment, high ceilings are a rare commodity. Most of the lighting in my house are just fluorescent tube ceiling lights, with the exception of my home’s entry way with a slight leeway to accommodate a pendant light.

Chandeliers in Cinderella Castle

Chandeliers in Cinderella Castle

You must be thinking: This girl is crazy talking about lights in Disneyland.
Really, if you must, Disneyland is a creation of what is supposedly to be a “perfect world” so while you can scream your lungs out at the roller coasters, I also can explore it in whichever way I like.

Chandeliers in Cinderella Castle

Crown design chandelier



Chandelier in the Throne Room

Chandelier in the Throne Room

I feel that the Chandelier in the Throne room has lots of middle eastern influence in it. Just looking at it reminds me very much of the colourful onion domes of Russian’s St Basil’s cathedral. I wonder if they had taken some inspiration from that.

Leafy chandelier

Leafy chandelier

While chandelier spotting, I noticed something written on the doors in the Castle:


Royal Attendants Only

Royal Attendants Only

“Royal Attendants Only” .. => Nice.

Stained glass windows

Stained glass windows

Not exactly sure what the two emblems on the sides meant, but the one in the centre is pretty obvious: the pumpkin.

Cinderella fitting into the glass slipper - Mosaic Tile Artwork on the Castle Walls

Cinderella fitting into the glass slipper – Mosaic Tile Artwork on the Castle Walls

Now let’s get to the artwork. There are many interesting and interactive artwork scattered around the Castle. The above piece is a huge mosaic tile artwork just before the entrance of the castle tour.


This piece above had ribbons twirling in motion.


Cinderella’s friends

Although I am unsure who the artist is or was, or even what materials were used, but the styling reminds me very much of the show Coraline.

Artwork made entirely with paper

This above piece was one of my favourites.  I love to work with paper and this piece is just beautiful and one word: SKILL~

Cinderella entering the ballroom

Cinderella – Origami


This above piece has a magnet set underneath the dance fall so when the mechanism rotates, the couple will twirl and dance around the square. Innovative! And I must say the miniature ballroom is amazingly intricate. Details details!!

The Throne Room

Really, what’ a castle without a throne room?? You have to get in line to get up to take a picture. Unfortunately, the picture of me having a seat in the throne were all blurry… and thanks to the staff!! 🙁


Would you like to try on this slipper, Miss?

So would you like to give a try to see if the slipper fits??



I found this photo recently and I was mind-blown!! There were secret messages or effects when taking photos WITH FLASH inside the Cinderella Castle!!

I gotta try it when I make my next visit to Tokyo Disneyland!! (>o<)

Photos credits to Keith Lapinig from

Photos credits to Keith Lapinig from

More stories on Disneyland soon~


16 thoughts on “Tokyo Disneyland – Cinderella Castle Tour

  1. 3xhcch

    I have not been inside any of the Cinderella castles either in Orlando or the one in Hong Kong. Thanks for showing me what is inside. – Fred

  2. Russ R.

    I missed this one when I was in Tokyo this year, but that was because I was really there for a couple friend’s wedding. Tokyo Disneyland is definitely in my list when I visit Japan next year. Lovely photos by the way.

  3. MapleMouseMama

    OMGee I would die to see that place in person! I am a huge Disney fan, but have only been to DW in Florida. Unfortunately Cindy’s Castle is off limits to most of us regular folk, but it is still wonderful to gaze at it’s beauty.

    1. evaarce

      Oh My geee! Why am I so inlove with all the beautiful chandeliers you’ve just shown!? well, I guess its the little disney princess inside me. I would love to ge there too and see it myself! 🙂

  4. Ling Tan

    A Disneyland has to be enjoyed in whichever way you’d best enjoy it, and if admiring chandeliers brings you the most joy, than chandeliers it should most certainly be! 🙂 Great photos of the castle babe, and I have to say, makes me regret skimping by the castle when I last was there….!

    To MouseyMouseMama – to many of us based in Asia, we’d certainly wish for the day we’d visit “original ones” in the states too 🙂 LOL, it’s a matter of perspective which is more exotic I suppose!


    Very nice chandeliers. The castle itself really portray royalty. I hope someday i could visit the place and feel what you’ve felt there.

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