A special kind of existence

A special kind of existence

I love to pick up interesting things when I travel, especially when it comes to accessories or jewellery; and even so when I can afford it.
I am blessed that almost every trip overseas I would be able to pick up something interesting.

Every time I pick up such a piece, I feel like I’m a romanticist.
It doesn’t matter that I bought it myself, but I imagine someone I love every much gave it to me and it made me feel special.

On my trip to New York in 2009, I picked up this Dogeared necklace.

It says:
MAKE A WISH and put on your necklace, speak your dreams out loud so they know you’re coming after them! When your necklace wears off, your wish should come true… believe! and on it, a little seahorse charm.

This little necklace made me feel very special. It is one very good encouragement to remind me to never give up my dreams.

With this, I was inspired to write this:

Nightly I whisper
my little wish
My dreams my passion
and everything in between
Tell them I’m coming, please wait for me
As I embark on this marathon
and sprint towards my dreams

Be steadfast, hold on tight
as I take flight
to realise my dreams in the day
and sweet dreams every night.


On a cruise trip to Caribbean, I picked up this little necklace on board and I loved it very very much.

It says:
Time In A Bottle
There never seems to be enough time to do the things you would like to do
Save every day like a treasure, with Time in a Bottle
Make your wishes come true and your hopes and dreams last forever

This mini hourglass necklace made me feel like Sandra Bullock in the movie, “the glass house”.
Falling in love with someone from a different time and space.
So romantic, huh?

Imagine a scene where a guy puts this around the girl’s neck as a parting gift, since both of them lives in a different time and space; and every time when the girl misses him, she would hold on tightly to the hourglass on her necklace. Time was their symbol of love.

With this inspiration, I wrote:

The two ends of the hourglass shall represent you and me
and every grain of sand will carry my love for you

So that when the hourglass tilts, and time changes
You will still be able to receive all my love as time passes

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