BeMyGuest.SG and bake some Chiffon Cake!!

BeMyGuest.SG and bake some Chiffon Cake!!

Over the weekend, instead of planning where to travel next, I took a journey into the kitchen. A granny once told me that, the kitchen is a place where it is a world on its own; and the taste of the world is born in this little place full of fire and water.

I had previously brought Hawaii back to my home kitchen and I felt that saying came alive and so, I embark on this journey once again.


Baking Studio in Telok Ayer

Baking Studio, a proud partner of BeMyGuest.SG; sits quietly in the corner of Telok Ayer. Run by 2 partners, this little baking workshop conducts workshop not only at their little headquarters in Telok Ayer, but also provides corporate workshop and yummy team bonding sessions.


Variety of Baking Classes

I was invited to unravel the secrets of baking pandan chiffon cake. At first sight, this modest little headquarters is clean, neat and well-equipped!

All the equipment and ingredients were already prepared, awaiting our arrival.


Tools and Materials

One of the founders, Corrine, is a nice and meticulous instructor. She patiently instructed us on how to make the perfect chiffon step by step and also explained each concept along the way, making the process easily understood by us all.


Corrinne passionately teaches

We were all given our own individual portions and ingredients and started cracking the eggs and mixing the liquids. It was all like a chemistry lesson! 😛


Participants starts baking!

As the lesson progresses, I finally understood the little details going into baking a chiffon. Swift strokes, not to over-whip, perfect measurements. All done very precisely to get the perfect baked cake.


The green mix

Corrine demonstrated on whipping egg whites. While the “whipping till you get firm peaks” is always a term I watched on Food tv; it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. And while I thought I had whipped enough, she would looked over and say, “continue whipping /  not enough…”.

Whoah, I’m impressed with her eye for details. (Well, I want a yummy cake too!!!)


Whipped until stiff peaks

After all the neon green mixture is fold into the egg whites and poured into the baking tin, we sent it off to the oven to bake.

While the cake is fluffing up in the heat, Corrine went on to explain the different variation of chiffon to us and how to achieve them. While teach us the baking basics, I realised the chemical and physical sciences played a big role in the baking of the cakes.


Shaking the tin

It’s time to overturn the chiffon and push them out!!!! Overturning allows the chiffon to remain fluffy and not be succumbent to the laws of gravity and also makes a yummy chiffon!


Turning out our Chiffon


Turning out the chiffon

While some of our chiffon turned out nicely, a few of the participants, like this gentlemen below had to gently scrape the top out with a spatula.


Turning out the chiffon

This one in focus below is MY MASTERPIECE. Yeah. Yums. Stomach’s growling.


Our chiffon cakes!

Then finally packed them into boxes!

Contrary to what I initially thought, chiffon cakes were supposed to be presented upside down with the slightly charred brown cake at the bottom instead of the top like other normal cakes would.


Packing my masterpiece

Of course, the mandatory group shot. That’s me on the far left with my green chiffon cake!


Group Photo!

Honestly before I made the trip down to learn the chiffon cake, I had underestimated the process of baking one. The many minute steps if left undone would result to a cake full of holes, or not fluffy enough, or worst, sink or pinched, as how it was being described. However it was an eye-opening session.

Our society had provided us with cheap solutions: – just BUY one chiffon. While one chiffon can cost us about SGD$2 for a decent cake, it got me thinking how much it took for the person who had came up with the idea and innovation on the creation of chiffon. The idea, the effort to making this one tiny cake (which  can gobble up in minutes) is much more that what it is worth (SGD2).

Just like the granny say, it’s a world altogether in the kitchen, it definitely is a world worth exploring and getting hungry for.


Thank you BeMyGuest.SG and Baking Studio for the invite!

More stories soon~



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