Tokyo Disneyland 30th Anniversary: Year of Happiness!!!

Tokyo Disneyland 30th Anniversary: Year of Happiness!!!

I wanna shout: I AM HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, after two decades of my life, I finally got to enter Disneyland!!
Although I got to go to Anaheim Disneyland in 2010, only a portion of the park was opened.
Yes, I’m SOOOOO excited to be here!

Whenever my friends commented that Disneyland being kiddy, I always reply saying it’s always a different experience going into Disneyland at different stages/age in life.

While Children can meet their favourite characters real life in mascots version, children still cannot 100% comprehend the character. The fairytale lives for them.

For teenagers, I felt it’s all about friends and sisters. I can’t speak for the males, but I feel when you go to Disneyland with friends or your like-years sisters, you appreciate the park another manner. Disneyland brings fond memories and helps you spend some quality time together having fun.

For adults, I felt that, like me, we lead a stressful life. While many like-minded friends may be more mature than I am, I believe having a child-like heart and brain; a mind and heart to feel like a child again, without worries and just have fun. I also learnt that keeping such an open mind where all things are possible allows creativity to flow more freely.

SO, back to the Disneyland topic.

I was in time for Tokyo Disneyland  30th Anniversary and while at the park, I was treated with a very special parade to celebrate their 30th Anniversary! And for the record, I love the theme song.. like crazily LOVE IT!! It’s just a super booster for stressful days..

I did try to film the parade but I was in such a awkward position that the video did turn up bit useless. Luckily, I found this precious youtube video online filmed by one of the local Disney fan, and he or she was in a prime location so the view is fantastic.


Before I talk more about my day in Disneyland and DisneySea, let’s first enjoy this parade together, shall we??


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