Hula Dog in Hawaii: Hotdog bun with no leaks!

Hula Dog in Hawaii: Hotdog bun with no leaks!

I’m sure we all have our fair share of experience eating hotdogs in our lives.

And I’m very sure that many of us have the same experience where the sauces just leaks out of the bun with every bite or when there is a paper bag, just drips in the paper bag, wasted.

The few smart ones among us will leave a small piece of the bread bun to just wipe off the sauces in the paper bag. Hey, waste not, right?

Following the trail of Anthony Bourdain in Hawaii, I found Hula Dog aka Puka Dog stand in Waikiki. Along Kuhio Avenue, at the T junction right across a Starbucks joint and a famous Fish Taco joint (which unfortunately it was closed on the day I was there), this stall is hard to miss.


Hula Dog Shopfront


It’s an interesting hot dog concept stall where you get to choose, not only the type of hot dogs you want, but also the type of bread you prefer. Oh, and not to forget, the many different type of relish.


Menu board – Surfboard style


Like ordering a sandwich from Subway, this place just spoils you rotten with the choices they have for each category!


Hand-cranked freshly squeezed lemonade!


Another highlight of their stand is their hand-cranked freshly squeezed lemonade! The sugar is added on the spot, which is a delight because I can ask for less sugar for my lemonade.


Less Sweet – Freshly Squeezed lemonade!


I ordered a bacon-bits taro (yam) bread with a veggie sausage (all the other meat sausages has beef and I don’t eat beef!) with mild garlic lemon sauce topped with mango, pineapple and Lilikoi relish.

Besides the bite of the bacon bits, I found that the bread has not much of a taro (yam) taste. The relish were very complimenting to the otherwise bland vege sausage, and the overall of sweet and salty goodness coats your mouth with every bite to the bursting sausage case.

The bread resembles the bread buns in local bakeries in Singapore, so one hot dog bun for Hula Dog is like two buns worth. I thought that was really interesting rather than the standard shape of the hotdog buns.

The plus point for me is the lemonade cause I get to control the sugar that was added into it (it should be this way everywhere!! but…. sighz..) and remember to stir it consistently to mix in the fine sugar powder!! I didn’t so… I think you can imagine how the last bits of the drink would taste like.

Overall, one word takes the win home. YUMS!

My Hula Dog order!!


Join me on my order at Huladog!



2301 Kuhio Ave, International Market Place, Honolulu, Oahu, HI 96815, USA.
(Update: 23 March 2014 :: I recently found out this location has closed.)

1102 Bishop Street, Ste 5, Honolulu, HI 96813, USA.
Tel: +1-808-585-8715
(They have opened at this new location.)


18 Replies to “Hula Dog in Hawaii: Hotdog bun with no leaks!”

  1. This made me crave for a hot dog sandwich. This concept is really cool because it makes their target market wider than the usual hot dog stalls. I hope, soon enough, this will be available in our country.

    Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Priscilla, this is such a smart hotdog innovation! I totally agree, most of the hot dog sandwich stalls I buy (locally or internationally) often leaks out the sauces included. It’s pretty annoying. This is a good way to improve a product.

    I love their storefront! It’s very inviting and the process of preparing the products are just amazing. That hotdog better taste good! 🙂

  3. The most important part of a hotdog bread, to me, is the freshness of the bread… Many a times, they have delicious hotdogs with yummy sauce, but somehow the bread is a tad too hard for my liking. This is a good takeaway choice for people though!

  4. Reading this makes me recall the short getaway my wife and I had there a few years back! There was no Hula Dog yet back then, of course. I hope we get a chance to go back and enjoy this treat you describe here. – Fred

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