JCOTTZ Apparels: Hidden find for nice plus-size clothing

JCOTTZ Apparels: Hidden find for nice plus-size clothing

A good friend has introduced me to this little corner in S*cape Underground that sells plus-sized clothes. My first impression when she told me was “Are you sure they sell plus-size clothes there?”

I mean, come’on… S*cape is famous for its flea/bazaar-like stalls and mini-shops that cater to model-sized teengers. I am way passed my sixteens. That place definitely isn’t a place I will go to shop for clothes. However, I knew her to be very resourceful, so I keep my opinions first and followed her lead.

In the underground floor of the building itself, little stores dotted all around selling a variety of goods ranged from gifts, to handphone covers and apparels. True enough, when I finally found that little store in the middle of that busy floor, she did carry plus-sized clothes.

JCottz Stall front


I was surprised really. I mean, I didn’t like shopping in such small flea-like stalls because they don’t hold any interest to me, since they always carry stuff for small-size or slim people, so I rather not waste my time.

The stall owner Joanna, sells apparels for both slim and plus size girls so two best friends of different sizes can shop in her shop comfortably. It’s a nice concept really, as most of my time I spend usually waiting for my friends while looking at accessories in a shop rather than clothes since the stores they patronizes usually don’t carry my sizing.

Checked Skirt

This checked skirt caught my eye.

I mean, I’m crazy over checked/tartan stuff. I love the reds and the squares and somehow they scream UK to me too much too often. The material of this skirt is very comfy and since it’s rubber band, I didn’t really have to care much about whether it will fit my tummy.

Plus-sized rubber band skirts are very welcome since rubberband helps fit a lot of different body shapes.


Anyway, the trend for tartan/checked stuff began to be in trend for  Autumn/Winter 2013/14 and the internet gives loads of ideas how to wear tartan.

Longish tee with tartan skirt


The easiest, of course, to just pair a simple tee with the tartan skirt. I like the concept of that band of red peeking out underneath the long tee-shirt. You can pair with leggings of course to complete the look.


Long tee with tartan skirt


I’ve added a monotone black and white backpack to create a back to school look!


Tartan explosion


As I had mentioned I love checked stuff. Here I pair the red tartan skirt with a simple v-neck tee and another style of tartan parka. I completed the look with a pair of sneakers  YES it’s checked too!!! 3 items of checked style all with a common red tone, but balanced out with black.


Tartan explosion


I then complete the entire look with my favourite piano tote bag I bought in Japan.


Black Skirt


Another skirt that caught my attention is this black skirt. I like the panel skirt and it is a flare-swishy skirt. Best of all, it’s actually a shorts-skirt, as it is actually shorts underneath the skirt, so I don’t really need to worry about my bums getting flashed in public by mistake.


Black flare skirt


Again, like the checked skirt, this is also a rubber band skirt as well. The scrunched up rubber band part is at the back half of the skirt and the front of the skirt a line fabric band.

This skirt is pretty versatile. With a black v-neck tee I could fake it like a little black dress, throw in a shirt and you can wear it to work. Casual fridays can use this with a nice colour tee with a necklace draped around your neck.


I’ll definitely go back to JCOTTZ again to dig into her long hangar of clothings to find some other interesting pieces. One good thing about JCOTTZ is that it’s a physical shop, and you can try those clothes on before you buy them!

Joanna constantly brings in new plus size pieces as well as regular clothes from all over the world! I do recommend to drop by her shop to look at what she has to offer!! If you are looking out for some pieces that you have trouble finding, let her know too so she can too be on the lookout for you!


Update: JCOTTZ plus size clothing now can be viewed and purchased via JCottz Facebook!


#A2 @ Scape Underground, Level 1
2 Orchard Link
Singapore 237978

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