Plusylicious confident begins by dressing right

Plusylicious confident begins by dressing right

It isn’t easy being a plus size girl in an Asian world.
From young, despite everyone else thinks I have confidence, I didn’t have a very positive self image and I didn’t love myself at all.
I would hid inside huge baggy clothes and just blend into the crowd and just prefers to stay in there.

Unfortunately, I guess there are many plus size girls who have the same mentality as me.

Eye-staring is one thing I hate in Singapore. It just felt that I was been judged head-to-toe via my clothes and body shape/size.
My wardrobe colours are black, blue and black. No other colours exists.

That is one major reason why I love to travel to America: to feel normal.
Because of the size difference in the States, I felt like any other people on the street.
Putting aside racial discrimination that exists anywhere, I have to admit, I really felt at home.

I took the chance to wear mini-skirts and sleeveless tees and walk about in the malls without the fear of being stared at or ostracised by the people around me.

While the mainstream shops worships size 0 (which is almost non-existent) and clothing companies bringing down the sizes by making the same size with lesser fabric (thus making the apparel smaller in size), shops like Plusylicious have sprung up to provide more clothing options to bigger size Asian girls like me.

That’s when my mindset began to change.

Which girl doesn’t like to wear pretty clothes??
I do of course, but then again, the dilemma of fit comes into play.

Online shops often comes with measurements and there wasn’t a guarantee that the sizes fit.
I ever purchased two dresses from a China website that were one size too big simply because the measurements doesn’t live up to the actual product!! I must say, it was a disaster.

Surprisingly, Plusylicious did not dissapoint.
I was blessed with 2 dresses compliments of Plusylicious and here they are on me:

Front View

Keep in mind that I have an apple shaped body, so I only chose a this flare skirt dress that compliments the apple shaped body. Also, I’m wearing size 3XL from Plusylicious measurement charts.

You can purchase this exact dress here:

Back View

I love the tie-backs (or tie-fronts in this case) that actually helps to cinch in the waist.

Here’s another dress I picked:

Out of the two, I preferred the green dress. I picked this one because of the black lace which attracted me; which I shouldn’t because I took the risk of the shoulder width span, which actually resulted in that fabric jutting out at the shoulder ends.

I did a little tapering to the dress to make it work for me.
However, this dress is perfect for the pear-shape figure, because pink is an expansion colour and black in a contraction colour, which would give the illusion of reducing the size of the lower body and accentuate the upper body.

Remember girls, we need to find clothes that work for us and compliment the shape of our body, and not worshipping the size numbers on the clothes.

It took me years to realize that my body image isn’t a comparison to the society’s ideal.
It’s the celebration of your own existence.

Quoting from the script of Yu Son Ju in episode 11 of the Korean Drama “Dalja’s Spring” [ 달자의 봄  ]:

“No matter how stretchable/flexible the material (of the clothing) is, 
as long the size doesn’t fit, you shouldn’t wear them. 
In the youths of today, there are some who chose their clothing not according to their body size, 
but by the society’s ideal size and fitting themselves into it. 
44, 55, 66, 77 (the sizes common in Korea); 
the importance is not the number, but the comfort of wearing those clothes. 
Only when you are comfortable, can you express your style in confidence, 
which marks the first true step to fashion.”

Special thanks to Plusylicious for the dresses!
Stay beautiful and confident!



Disclaimer: Product compliments of Plusylicious. No monetary compensation was received. Opinions stated are genuine and honest. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are accurate at the time of posting.

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  1. Being an Asian I totally feel you. Be yourself and thats the best thing! Maybe you can tone up with blogilates in youtube. Imnot promoting her but I love how she bring me into everyday(not really) workout time =)

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