What NOT to buy in Hawaii

What NOT to buy in Hawaii

During one of my many shopping sprees in Wakiki, I happened to step into one of their many touristy local souvenir/tee-shirt stores. 
I spotted these green jars on one of their shelves in the corner of the shop. So out of curiosity, I stepped closer to have a look.

To my horror, I see the label SHARK and in front of my eyes, I saw these dead baby shark specimens suspended in some chemical liquid.

I am no animal conservationist, but common sense tells me this is very wrong.

In my line of work back home in Singapore, I have seen environmentalists, biologists, marine biologists in their field work and through them, I was taught the fragility of our Earth’s ecosystem.

Sharks are precious animals in the food chain in marine life. Without Shark as a predator, the food chain down the line would be off balanced.

As a Chinese myself, I understood how the shark fin industry has seriously damaged the shark population. I am standing for no shark-fin in wedding dinners/banquets.

BUT, this is seriously very very wrong.
Like the live tortise/animals in a keychain souvenir in China, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT support such animal/ specimen souvenir trade whenever you travel.

Live Tortoise sealed in a keychain (Picture taken from Google)

Such “souvenirs”, in my opinion, are equivalent to murder.

Turning the tables around, how would you feel if the human body of your children were suspended in a glass casing and sold as souvenirs on a shelf?
I doubt anyone would be sane if he/she would tell me “it’s okay~” to do so.

(Picture taken from Google)

Travelling is all about understanding different way of life, learning different cultures, to enjoy the environment and be in awe with Mother Nature’s /God’s greatest creations.

While it would be nice to carry a piece of memory from our vacation home with us, such souvenirs should be condemned and should not be supported.

Taking a leaf from World Wildlife Organisation: 
When the buying stops, the killing can too.

Protect our Earth and its delicate balance,

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  1. Hi Pingerrain, I had no idea people can be that cruel. I'm not an environmentalist as well, but these animals fate are so sad. I think for souvenirs I'm okay with just some figurines or paintings.

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      Yes it's pretty sad. I usually love to just buy magnets and figurines (although some are mass produced in China). When I was in Haiti, I preferred very much to buy local handicrafts. They are much more meaningful to bring home than such horrible gifts.

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