Shopping in Honolulu

Shopping in Honolulu

I did some fun shopping in Honolulu!
Some were pretty normal, some are interesting, some raises my eyes.

Okay, this blog post is photo intensive, and minimal words.
(Really, I think there’s no explanation needed!)

You have been warned.
Alright, let’s go shopping!

Love this clock in Downtown DFS
See’s Candies!
Beautiful shopfront
Ok, I thot this was some chocolate shop until….


They are an accessories shop!!! From Japan!

Lovely shop deco


Cute confectionery accessories
Unfortunately, while it looks entirely delicious, it isn’t my cup of tea.


Love this!


Got my dose of perfumes and intimates!


Helping fellow blogger, Karman to get some stuff!
Disney Store!!


Cute Mike Notebook!


Kona Coffee and Pineapple Flavour Pretz

They sold these in bulk, so not really a must-buy for me, cause I definitely can’t finish them all… 😛 But yes, I guess these are great gifts, just I’m not sure if they can survive the trip back to Singapore after all those throwing and banging of my luggage.

Tabasco chocolate


Sea Salt
I like the packaging, it just feels so rustic.
Candy leis
Flower leis? Hmm, so last century, candy leis, sweet smelling and sweet to taste!
Liquor Lei
I love this innovation. Pack the exact quantities of the liquor and you can get yourself a personalised cocktail. And you’ll never lose a bottle, ever!
Volka Lei
Mix and match the liquor bottles you need
Sex on the beach
Sorry, I can’t help it. I just have to take a photo of this. The expression of the turtle is quite, well, most satisfying. (Uh-Humm!) LOL~
Liquor in aluminium packs
One word. Genius!
Not that expensive, either.
Unfortunately, I don’t drink.
Drugstore Comestics
Ok, cue the fanfare! Fashion/cosmetic junkies/bloggers, don’t hold your breath. BREATHE.
Love the prices, don’t you?
21 pieces of eye-liner
This photo has its story. I was watsapping a fellow blogger and I was telling her, oh the eyeliners are 0.99USD each. She was like… WHAT!! Get me a 3 of those!
So I thought, okay these are lightweight enough, no harm helping to buy.
So through and fro I went back to the same drugstore and purchase 21 pieces in total, for quite a few fellow blogger friends after they submitted their colours and numbers to me via a watsapp chat group.
Haha, I was the watsapp shopper for the day.
Wriggly magnets
Couldn’t resist a photo of these. Too colourful!!
My shopping!!
Here’s the overall damage in Honolulu…
Some of the items I bought
More items I bought…
If you spotted some hello kitty stuff and wonder why they aren’t featured… Don’t worry, they have a separate post on the hello kitty stuff I spotted in Hawaii.. I don’t have photos for everything unfortunately, too many already!!!
More stories soon~

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