Solomon Holistic Skin Care: Natural and organic way to beauty

Solomon Holistic Skin Care: Natural and organic way to beauty

As I travel often, my skin is always subjected to a certain level of stress.
Stress from the different climate and environment, the dry air condition on the long haul flights; sometimes even from the different food and diet I have on my travels.

Sometimes I would wish I could pamper my skin while on my travels with something really good.
Something really natural so that my face will not breakout or stressed further.

In the heart of Orchard Road, Singapore, sits one place that fulfill this need of mine.

Personalized essential oil facial treatment
Solomon Holistic Skin Care, unlike the mainstream brands of salons is an artisan service that offers personalized essential oil facial treatment based on your own skin analysis.

But essential oil treatment is pretty common everywhere ain’t it?

Well, yes and no.
Essential oil is widely available and used for many purposes.

However good quality, organic, natural pharmaceutical grade essential oils extracted from herbs and plants that were grown ethically with care, well, this would be one-in-a-million find.

On top of the quality find, the owner Sarah, is one of the many passionate artisans I have met, who are passionate about what they do and their work. And that is very important because a passionate artisan never skims on their art. They go all out to create perfection.

Sarah is passionate about holistic, natural skin solutions that is suitable for everyone and anyone. Even patients with serious conditions, such as cancer or every pregnant women whom are often told to abstain from makeup and other chemical procedures, such as facial; are suitable.

Chemical treatments adds stress to their already weaken immune system, and with the body trying to cope with the stress, the skin is often dull and flat. However, with Sarah’s therapeutic treatments, they now can relax and enjoy a pamper session, which not only do not add stress to their current condition, but also releases stress from their body with the therapeutic properties of essential oils.

But I hate the smell of essential oils.

Especially lemongrass and chamomile. for me.
Seriously, some essential oil stores in the malls just overdid it and that was the core reason I cannot stand the smell of them.

Surprisingly, when Sarah used Chamomile oil on me, it wasn’t all that funny sharp piercing smell I usually would wrinkle my nose at. It was warm and gentle, as if I could imagined that taste of it at the back of my throat.
It was then she had explained the different grade of essential oils, and good quality pharmaceutical grade makes a simple smell a whole world of difference.

Mineral Rich Calcium Montmorillionite clay
Besides the unique blend of essential oils worked into her facial treatment, Sarah also imports Calcium Montmorillionite clay from California. Also from a organic, natural and ethical source, it is rich in minerals and is able to remove parasites, kills fungus bacteria off acne and neutralize radiation.
A little background on Calcium Montmorillionite:
Originated from volcanic ash, minerals and centuries of weathering, it is also known as “living clay” because it consist of minerals that enhance the production of enzymes in all living organisms. 
It was used by Native American healers for centuries as an internal and external healing agent on open wounds and for stomach and intestinal distress. Animals, domestic or wild would instinctively drawn to these clay deposits and have been observed licking the clay as part of their everyday diet, and rolling in it to obtain relief from injuries.
Historically, sailing vessels from France were known to store this clay on board for treatment of dysentery as well as other ailments.
Manual lymphatic drainage massage and a face vacuum suction
Sarah had also pampered me with a manual lymphatic drainage massage and a face vacuum suction treatment. Using a unique pulsing massage method, the vacuum helps creates a lift and push action to drain the toxic through the lymphatic system.
Click to see a larger picture
The above picture is taken right before and right after the facial.
You can see my face is slightly flush after the facial and I could feel the blood circulated around my facial muscles (face will feel warm).
Skin is slightly plump up and glowing compared to the flat dull face before.
Click to see a larger picture
Black Heads Extraction
Every facial is not complete with those nasty black head extraction.
I know for a fact my black heads are always the most difficult to extract (as told by a few salon ladies, even Sarah!) so I always had to live with an ugly strawberry nose.
Sarah’s skill is really good, and considering she wasn’t going to give up until she got all those little buggers out, I happily endured the pain (really, it wasn’t at all painful since I have high pain threshold).
In the light blue circle, you can see clearly that the pores are less define after the extraction has been done and the skin was visibly smooth compared to the one before.
The redness of my skin (purple circle) also reduced and past acne scars became much lighter.
Effects of facial
During the evening after the facial, I had a serious bowel movement and a lot of toxic waste was dumped out through my digestive track. It was highly due to the lymphatic drainage.
My body felt lighter too.
Sarah has also kindly given me a set of her specially blended facial products for me to use, which I will give a review on it soon. (It takes time to use and see the difference, so I’m not rushing to post anything.)
I did notice a significant reduction of oil production on my face two days after my facial (I have dry skin) and skin still feel soft and supple after a week.
I do recommend this facial treatment if you have sensitive skin, especially if you always have a problem finding a suitable facial salon.
Serious illness patients or pregnant women are also highly recommended for this, as the essential oil does relax those tension.
So how much would it cost?
Sarah has a wide range of facial packages. As the treatments are customized to suit your skin and health condition, I suggest that you make a call to her and inquire. Sarah would also be the only therapist taking care of you, so schedule an appointment with her.
If you would like to have the same exact treatment that I had, here are the details:
Solomon Holistic Skin Care [website]
Midpoint Orchard (Across the road from 313 Somerset)
220 Orchard Road,
#04-04 (Take the escalator up, the shop would be on your left)
Singapore 238852
Tel: 65-67371034
Disclaimer: Facial compliments from Solomon Holistic Skin Care. No monetary compensation was received. Please be rest assured that even though the services were sponsored, it does not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are genuine and honest. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are accurate at the time of posting.
More stories soon!

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