5 photos to take on a cruise vacation

5 photos to take on a cruise vacation

Sorting through all my photos for my cruise vacation, I realized that I have a stash of photos that I had mark as “must take photos” during my vacation on board a cruise.

While other activities on board which are, in your opinion, may be much more “photograph-worthy”, may I here present my fave 5 photos to take while on a cruise vacation.

There isn’t a specific ranking. Enjoy!!

Me with my Sea Pass!

1. A picture of yourself with your cruise card

Your cruise card is usually issued upon boarding and it is the essential item to paying EVERYTHING on board. Don’t you think it would be interesting to take a photo with it?
I felt like I just got my driving license!! lol~
Me with Cruise liner in Nassau, Bahamas

2. A picture with the cruise, of course!
When I disembark the Liberty of the Seas at Jamaica, I was in awe by the sheer size of the cruise that was parked inches away from the berth. It was just like a massive floating skyscraper.
However, it was the only my friend took for me in Nassau, Bahamas that was my favourite. The skies were great (the heavens finally decided to award us with blue skies) and we were able to take a shot with the entire liner.

My friend, N, with cruise liner in the background, taken in Ochos Rios, Jamaica.

This above photo I had took of one of my travel friend, was shot in Jamaica.
If you happen to dock at some place that couldn’t give you fantastic view of the liner like the one I had taken in Bahamas, you can still take a similar one I have took for my friend above.

The trick to get this shot is, your view needs to be lower than your subject (the human of course) with the liner framing the background.

Here in the picture above, my friend was sitting on one of the cleats by the dock, and I semi-squat, my view lower than hers so the entire cruise liner can fill the background.
A lower to higher view brings majesticity to objects in the picture, making them huge and powerful, and thus the cruise liner can portray its true size.

Me with the big blue, taken in Labadee, Haiti.

3. A picture with the big blue ocean
In my opinion, when I travel on a cruise liner, the biggest attraction to me was the big blue ocean. While I could have easily taken such photos on board the liner (trust me, I have many of those), I found this photo, again taken by one of my travel buddy becoming my favourite of all.

The idea was that this photo eludes an idea that I was actually standing on the water, with the point of view so low.

This photo was taken at Labadee, Haiti when the grey skies decided to retreat and the sun brought out the emerald and blue of the sea.
Of course, the whole endless body of emerald and blue water lining up at the horizon also gave the overall picture a pretty fake look; and I had been question many times about the authenticity of this shot, and I must say, this photo did actually happened, and it was taken at the dock in Labadee, Haiti.

My friend, S, my model for this shot in Labadee

4. Anything on those beach benches/chairs, etc.
We also took quite a few shots of ourselves lying on beach chairs. A lot in fact, but this made its way to become my favourite.

While walking on the beaches of Labadee, I managed to find this vacant white wooden beach chair at a shade overlooking the ocean and an idea came to me and I pulled one of my buddies and got her to sit on it. I told her to just relax and sink into the chair, letting the wind blow to her hair, enjoying the beach and of course, face a little to the side so I can capture part of her face.

Instead of those frontal shots of someone lying in a beach chair, this photo did gave the idea of a very relaxed vacation.

I simply loved it.

5. Jump Shots
Something about jump shots on the beach. I don’t know. But it does sums up what my cruise vacation.
Relax, fun, and conquering many islands at the same time.
I. was. here.

So, hope all of you vacationers out there would be inspired by my fave 5, and do share with me your favourite vacation shots! Be it a cruise/beach/sun or other kind of vacations!! I would love to see them!

Till then, happy cruising!

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