BBT & Friends

BBT & Friends

I have a friend who loves to talk about her soft toy bear. She gave her bear a persona and we often include the bear as a being in our conversations and often the conversations becomes an inspiration for me to draw.

BBT (stands for Blueberry Top) is a bear that calls herself “Katong Flower” (it means the belle of Katong. Katong is a place in Singapore) and loves to drink Meiji milk and eat 5 bowls of white rice everyday.
She demands one 50 cent coin everyday from her mummy and only knows how to count in 50 cent coins.

She gets upset easily and always comments that “all adults are evil…”

Here are some of the drawings I have accumulated so far from our conversations. All the drawings here are drawn on Samsung Note 2.

 I will post more of these drawings in the future.

It started with this photo I sent to my friend of her bear BBT sleeping.
BBT climbing up the bottle to drink her favourite Meiji milk…
BBT must eat at least 5 bowls of white rice everyday. You can’t cheat her with a smaller bowl, she knows!
Recently, my friend’s beloved cat passed away. So I took the chance to draw Maggi, her cat posing with BBT here.
We had once critised badly of BBT. So she took VUL (Very Upset Leave) from her mama. She usually sleeps when she’s upset. (But she sleeps everyday, nonetheless!)
Pink bear (affectionately known as ah-Pink) is BBT’s best friend.
Hope you enjoy some of these drawings. I really had fun drawing them too.
More stories soon!

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