Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas: Fine Dining at Michelangelo

Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas: Fine Dining at Michelangelo

Fine dining is a must when you do cruise.

I had about 3 – 4 nights of fine dining treats on board the Liberty of the Seas. I was most unfortunate to experience Sea Sickness on the first few days of cruising (can you imagine that?!) but I was still able to taste and experience the life of High Society nevertheless.

(Warning: Lots of food pictures that will definitely make your mouth water!!)
So here are the delicious plates I have experience on board in the Michelangelo Dining Hall:
When you have 3 drink glasses, more than 1 type of fork..
And an overall, an elaborate set up, you know formal dining is in~
Honestly, I rarely have much formal dining in my life, so it was kind of experience when the servers are really at your beck and call and comes to you with a basket of breads for you to choose.
The food were served on warm plates, which was also something new to me, and I totally felt like a princess, being treated this way.
Dinner is served
I was seated with friends from Singapore, so there were much laughter and cheer around the table. While fine dining was very much a pretty quiet affair; we were not. (But we did try to keep our voices low!)
Dish with fish and prawns kebab
I have to admit, I really can’t remember the names of all these dishes!
But they were really good! I can still remember the taste of these dishes at the back of my throat.
Ham served with lentils and beans
This was also my first time trying out lentils. I often had a misconception about how awful or weird lentils would taste, but I thought they tasted like beans — pretty normal, considering that they are beans too! The texture was like a cross between chick peas (kachang puteh) and mung beans (tau suan).
Scallop with creamy risotto
This was one interesting dish. The creamy risotto was really creamy, I could really taste the creme-fresh in that. The scallops were pan seared and was plump, juicy and crunchy.
Butter herb prawns with rice
The butter herb pesto really tasted good with the fresh crunchy prawns. I love the way they presented that because the prawns look really pretty and most importantly, easy to eat!
Sausage Aglio Olio
One of the ladies decided that She wanted some Spaghetti.
Lamb Shank
The ladies at my table would ask the server girls every time during each formal meal session if they could have extra mains or additional mains to try. This lamb shank was one of the extra mains served to our table, just one dish, for the 4-5 ladies to try out. I didn’t try this because I don’t eat mutton.
I didn’t make it to the dessert at my first formal dinner night.
I was very nauseated to even be seated at the table so I retired for the night after that prawn and fish kebab.
one the second formal dinner night, I managed to try this Tiramisu.
This is more of Tiramisu cake rather than Tiramisu, I prefer my tiramisu to have less cake texture and more mushy cream layers.
Strawberry Mousse
One of the ladies had strawberry mousse. I thought this presentation was pretty and it seems to have a smile, don’t you think?
Chocolate Cake
I did manage to taste this chocolate cake though.
This cake tasted pretty simple and you definitely want to eat it with the chocolate sauce.
Nuff’ said.
Mushroom something
On the final formal dinner night, I had this mushroom with pastry thing. The mushroom sauce tasted very much like mushroom soup thicken into a sauce and was served with this short pastry for appetizer.
Lobster Tail
The lobster tail was definitely the highlight of the night and of the 3 fine dining dinner nights. After I have been presented with this dish, the head server will come over and help you to detach the lobster meat from the shell. I must say, she only did that in 2 slits and out the lobster tail came. It was amazing!
Cherry De Glace
I remembered this dish. It was the kind of name of a dish I wanted to try but have not idea what it was but only knew there would be cherries. The warm cherry sauce mixed with vanilla ice cream was a huge hit for me! I love this!
Fruit Tart
My friend has this fruit tart. I didn’t taste this, but I thought the small dallop of cream was simply too cute!
Chefs behind the scene
On the last night of our formal dinner, we were being introduced to the chefs who had been preparing our meals for the 3 nights. When i saw the entire team, I was quite blown away by the sheer amount of chefs preparing food for the entire dining hall! Then again, the hall was huge too.
Lastly, just a narcissistic selfie of myself in a simple black dress that I wore for my first formal dinner night.  I know I did that this in my cabin room’s toilet, but hey, that room has the best lights and the biggest mirror!
More stories soon!

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