Accomodation Review: Woodside Collection of Residence

Accomodation Review: Woodside Collection of Residence

It was my second time in New York City.
First was the time I went a few years back to visit the Statue of Liberty and the New York Auto Show.

Unlike previously a single day trip, this time I am actually going to stay in New York.

Scrapbook Page: Woodside Residence
My Scrapbook Page: Woodside Residence

Due to my aunt’s vegetarian diet, I have decided that we should take a rental instead.
While hotel provides the best, I simply find that finding pure vegetarian food in New York City then was quite difficult, so after much research of finding vegetarian, I have decided that a rental would be much better because there would a kitchen where we can cook her meals.

Upon tons of research and comparing reviews and prices, I found this apartment in Queens, New York, about 15-20 mins from Manhattan and it was just like other homes that the locals are living in.

The rental owners are very nice, considering because Grace is Korean and it was very rare for Asians to be renting their place, she and her husband, Tony were very accommodating to our request. They even reserved their biggest apartment for us at a very modest pricing, (just because we are Asians! *wink*)

I could say, as a newbie in vacation rentals, I was very blessed to have met with such nice hosts.

My Scrapbook Page: Our home in NYC!
My Scrapbook Page: Our home in NYC!

This apartment in Queens is near the Woodside station and the community is a unique blend of Mexicans, Chinese, and Koreans. We were able to find Asian food relatively easily and that was a huge welcome for my youngest cousin, as she wasn’t used to the American diet.

Woodside, Queens
Woodside, Queens

She was so elated when she saw Nong Shim instant noodles in the Asian supermarket after 2 days of bread and American food; can you imagine that!

The apartment Grace has prepared for us was the biggest in her collection of rentals. It has 2 & 1/2 bedrooms with 2 toilets; a fully equipped kitchen (down to salt and pepper) and a nice size living room with an additional couch that could be turned into a day bed.

So practically, the four of us are living in a apartment that could comfortably house 6-8 guests.

Half bedroom (sectioned out by curtains) and the full kitchen with a corridor in the centre to the bedrooms

Living room next to the open concept kitchen
Living room next to the open concept kitchen

 The bedrooms were simple and comfortable and there was air-condition and heating throughout the house.

Double beds master bedroom
Double beds master bedroom

King sized bed in the second Bedroom
King sized bed in the second bedroom

Like I mentioned previously, I had decided on a rental due to the convenience of being able to cook vegetarian food for our aunt.

My cousin, Angeline was the chef during the trip!

Angeline, the chef~

The kitchen had all the utensils needed and some of the basic condiments such as salt, pepper, soya sauce. We also had a fun time figuring out exactly how to use a dishwasher since we don’t use dishwashers back home!

Me enjoying breakfast!

Home-cooked meal!
Home-cooked meal!
Sarina and I with “Super-Mike”, our caretaker.

So, for such a huge apartment, how much was the rent exactly?

The initial price was USD1600 for a week, however Grace has a promo during the period we were there so we only paid USD1300 for the entire week.
The rate back then was USD1 to approximate SGD1.45.
So it was about SGD$1885.
So it was about SGD$472 per person/week (for 4 people).

If there were 8 of us (full house), it would be around SGD$235 per person/week.

Considering that is the price for a 3 bedroom unit, which can take up to about 6 -8 people, I think it is very worthwhile to be paying around $500/week, which in comparison is about 2 nights in a 4 star hotel in Singapore?

However that was the price in 2009. I am sure the price has since changed.

Here’s the two websites which you can check out for more information:

You can also email directly to Grace at

Disclaimer: I do not endorse them in anyway. All the above were my own experience staying in this vacation rental in Queens, New York.

After Hurricane Sandy, I have tried to contact either Grace or Tony via email, but have since not gotten any correspondences from them. I do hope they are fine and their woodside residences had also survived.
Dear Tony/Grace, if you see this post, please email me!!

More stories soon!

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