Make your own Beauty Journal by Canon and Elle Magazine Singapore

Make your own Beauty Journal by Canon and Elle Magazine Singapore

As a scrapbooking lover, I always love to find out more about more ways to do layout.
I think as someone who also loves designing print media, layout skills is pretty important, and I always will look for more ways to seek out new/ unheard of methods to apply to my hobby.

Elle Magazine, with Canon Singapore in collaboration with Paper Market and Makeup Guru Larry Yeo came together and share with us some tips on scrapbooking and how to create your own makeup journal.

So here’s what I have learnt from the gals at Paper Market:

Scrapbook journalling consist of these few elements:

  1. Title
  2. Photos / Pictures
  3. Breathing Space
  4. Line of Focus (I think is more like Focal Point, I think. Correct me if I’m wrong)
  5. Journalling
  6. Embellishments
Scrapbook page example
Project Goofballs

Like this example above:

  1. Title:  Hello Goofballs
  2. 4 photos
  3. Lots of empty space => breathing space
  4. Line of Focus: The vertical writing of Goofballs coordinated with the photos and the little green tag are all hidden vertical visual lines. The arrows adds and acts as a visual aid.
  5. Journalling: Horizontal lines of journaling on the left goes against the vertical lines. The journal will be the 2nd most eye catching item after the photos and embellishments where the black and white stands out from the neutral earthy background.

Here are some other layout styles that Xue, from Paper Market had shared with us:

Besides learning about scrapbooking, makeup guru Larry Yeo also shared with us 4 of this season’s latest makeup trend:

Showing Skin: 
Balmed out skin, glossy glow, matte finish, skin conditioned. The skin looks lighted wth amazing skincare. One skin with monochromatic textures.

Moody Hazy Eyes:
Like looking through a filter, the colours are a spray of hue. Slightly shaded by emotion glow in the moonlight. Singapore haze dedication.

Too Cool:
A strong eye that says, “Hey I am cool”. Slightly messy, slightly awkward. Darken colours against a blacken based.
Own the look, not docile. It is fashion, not Korean music video.

Poetic Red:
Burnt red on the lips, in all textures. Cheeks look quick dyed with cherry.

our beauty journals
Our beauty Journals : Photo Courtesy of Grace Tan

I am so used to travel journalling so makeup journalling is something new to me.

Invited by blogger Grace Tan, I initially thought it was a fashion journal since I only catch the keywords “Elle” and “Canon”, so I only prepared pictures related to fashion, and since I was so into the turquoise colour, I chose pictures based on a pastel palette to compliment whatever journalling we were going to do.

It was only when the host has emphasized that it was focusing on beauty journal, that I froze and panic inside. At that moment when I heard it was beauty journal, I only had one thing in my mind, and that was, ‘good game already’ !!!
I could just forget about winning the printer.

Then another thought flooded in.
Even if I don’t win the printer, I better not embarrass Grace, who was nice enough to invite me to the event because she knew I love scrapbooking.

I tried to remain positive and when she drew out her beautiful eyelashes as props, I thought she is so going to win this contest! Those lashes were so eye-catching! Trying not to sound disappointed, I tried to remain positive and helped her as much as I can. Whatever extra materials I brought didn’t really came to good use, except a few squares of white paper and colour pencils.

Eye shadow diagram
Eye shadow diagram behind the eye shadow palette

That’s when an idea struck me.
Whether it would help me win this or not, I don’t really know now.

My inspiration was due to this picture (above) behind a eye palette I bought in USA, with a detail description how to apply the eye colours to your own eyelids. Being a makeup noob, I actually read those instructions and remembered the diagram.

So I thought, why not draw some of those onto my scrapbooking page?
Does that make it a beauty journal now?
“Not sure. Try first then say~” became my motto then.

Here’s my scrapbook journal page:

Turns out, my page won the prize!
It was absolutely a surprise for me!
I was really really surprised as I thought there are many other makeup pages which are really good as well!

Thank you Elle and Canon!!
And also thanks to Grace who had kindly invited me!

You can also read Grace’s article on this event HERE.

I am already thinking of projects that I can make with this photo printer.
So stay tune to my blog for more craft project updates in the near future!

p.s. Sorry for the lack of photo. I wasn’t there as a blogger but as a guest. So, I didn’t really prepare myself to take a lot of photos. Anywayz, thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: This is a post to celebrate winning the top prize from the event. No monetary compensation was received. Opinions stated are genuine and honest. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are accurate at the time of posting.


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