Spam Musubi, my ultimate favourite Hawaiian snack

Spam Musubi, my ultimate favourite Hawaiian snack

After my trip to Hawaii and now back in Singapore, my stomach and my brain is just craving for this one thing:
Spam Musubi!!!!. (*”holy”, with a light source from above*)

Original Spam Musubi from the bistro at Walmart

I gotta write about this.
I just gotta!!!
This musubi, the size of a mini brick is the most delicious thing I ever ate so far!

I love sushi. A slice of fish wrapped with seaweed on a small morsel of rice is one of my favourite food ever. You don’t have to eat alot of those, you just have to eat the best.
It is the same for the Spam musubi.

Unfortunately, I didn’t scour enough in Honolulu in search of the best of this delicious brick, I just tried it from any store I see that they sold it. But, nevertheless, they still are one heck of a punch!

The first one I had would be from a small bistro that was at the entrance of Walmart. There I bought 2 musubis. One chicken Katsu musubi and the original spam musubi.

Chicken Katsu Musubi from the bistro at Walmart

I tried the Chicken one first while shopping at Walmart (as I was toooooo hungry!!) and kept the original one(in the picture above) to savour it when I was back in my hotel room.

OMG~ The taste is just mind-blowing.
OK, I exaggerated.
BUT, it is soooooo good!

The steam white short-grain sushi rice is soft and moist, and the spam, which was already drenched in a sweet teriyaki sauce added another level to the rice.
When I took a bite, the crispy sound of the nori, combi with the salty goodness of the spam, added with the sweet teriyaki sauce on top of the moist white rice.

I could only say, this is heavenly!!

Unlike sushi, which I can get a little overwhelmed after a few pieces, this is unlike sushi.
Although the rice is sticky enough, you don’t get the expanding bloatness compared to eating sushi.

Oh and this amount of ingredient of this mini food brick, is equivalent to one meal portion.

However, this is super addictive.
I tried not to search for it, for fear of eating more; but alas, it is all around me when I shopped at the ABC stores.

Spam Musubi Oven Cabinet in ABC Store

The best part about it: they have different varieties of Spam Musubis!!!!

So, of course, I had to try it!!!
I had hope to show you pictures, but unfortunately, all the musubis were gobbled up before I remember to take pictures.

Anyway, my favourite was the one with egg and Furikake seasoning.
They were all so delicious!!!!

I sorely missed these yummy Hawaiian snack after I had came home to Singapore.

So, I decided that I had to try to recreate this snack at home, with ingredients that I could find from the local supermarkets, to satisfy my craving and also that to know I can always make the same taste whenever I miss it.
I searched for the recipe from the internet and crossed my fingers that it works.

And it did!!!
Surprisingly, the whole process of making Spam musubi was pretty simple!

Spam, Furikake, Nori, and RICE (I missed that out in this picture)

Here are the ingredients that I used to make the Spam Musubi:

  • Short-grain rice ( I used Calrose Rice)
  • 1 can of Spam Lite
  • Furikake
  • 1 packet of Nori Seaweed
    note: I used a smaller size of nori seaweed so I need not cut the seaweed to size!
  • Sugar
  • Soya sauce

Cook the rice.
I cooked my rice based on the instructions on this website:

The instructions on the website uses 1 cup of uncooked rice to make 3 cups of cooked rice.
However, I am only making 4 musubis, so I sort of guessed my way and used 1/3 cup of uncooked rice to get one cup of cooked rice.

Then, I left the rice to stand while cooking the spam.

For Spam,
1 can of Spam ==> sliced into 8 slices.
The thickness of each slice is optimum for a single musubi.
As I am only making this for myself, I half the entire can then slice up 4 slices just to cook. I kept the other half in the fridge. 😛

Put a skillet on the fire, around medium heat then place the slices of spam on it.
Oil is NOT needed as the fats in the Spam will cook the meat itself.

Flip the spam to cook the other side.
Once the spam is done, I put them on a plate and set them aside.

Mix one part of sugar and one part of soya sauce together and melt the sugar into the soya sauce on very low heat.

In this case, I used half of 1/3 cup of both sugar and soya sauce. (I literally took advantage or my measuring cup for convenience sake!) I tried not to use too much sauce for the sake of reduce wastage of any food.

Once the sugar is melted into the soya sauce, I put the spam back into the pan into the sauce and turn up the heat slightly; so that the spam and soak up all the sauce into the meat.
This doesn’t take very long, once the meat is almost fully soak, take the spam out of the pan.

Assembling the misubi:
While many online tutorial uses the spam can as the mold, I found this separator container from one of my lock and lock brand tupperware.
I only used one side of the container which is almost the exact size of the spam, so it is perfect for the mold.

To ensure I would be able to remove the spam musubi easily, I lined the container with a food wrap/ polystrene wrap, which later can also use it to wrap the musubi.

Place the nori seaweed into the container (shiny side faces the plastic) then stuff the container full with rice. Compact the rice until it almost fills up the container.

Sprinkle Furikake onto the rice.
You can put as much as you want or as little as you want, or none.

Place the spam on top.

Now comes the magic part.
Hold on the ends of the plastic food wrap and lift the entire musubi out.

Now you can wrap the seaweed around the entire musubi.

All done!
Here are the 4 musubis!

Comparing the 4 musubis, only the top one is the closest to the standard size of an actual Hawaiian musubi. So, one cup of cook rice can only make 3 standard Hawaiian musubis.
The musubi taste exactly like those I had in Hawaii!!!

The most awesome feeling for a cook noob like me was that my mum, the strict food critic, says it’s tasty! Yay!
I’m satisfied.

If you are trying out this recipe (or experiment this), do let me know your experience!!

Mahalo for reading!

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