Bonia39 : Inspiration that transcends

Bonia39 : Inspiration that transcends

My story begins with a handbag my mother gave to me.
A handbag that was handed down from her generation to mine.

I love old things. I really do.
I had told both my grandmas when they leave the earth, I get to keep all their old black and white photographs, my grandma manual sewing machine, and other maternal grandma’s old cupboard. I sort of “book” their stuff first before anyone else gets their hands on them. My mum felt it was silly.

The value of vintage aside, I always thought of old hand-me-down things are like pandora boxes, each full of stories and history that would whisper their tales to me at night in my dreams.

For my mum’s old handbag, the sentimental’s the same.

Months before, I heard that Bonia is coming up with something exciting but without specific details.

My mind was on my vintage BONIA handbag that was tucked away in my closet, which is so precious to me that I only use it during wedding dinners or important events.
I thought, no matter what, I got to carry that bag to the event; as if taking my vintage BONIA handbag down the memory lane of its own heritage; just like how us humans will journey back to our hometowns or ancestral homes just to reminisce and/or discover our roots.

And I did just that.

I can’t helped but show-off a little to others, not just because it is a vintage BONIA bag, but because it is so precious to me!
Ok, bragging aside, I was happy to have the above photo taken.

BONIA itself as a brand indeed has evolved immensely through the years, more so now.

Firstly, do you even know BONIA is a local brand??
I did not initially. I always thought it as a Malaysian brand.
But indeed, it is a real, true-blue Singaporean brand.

BONIA was named one of Singapore’s Heritage Brands at the Singapore Prestige Brand Award in 2008. Now, that’s something we Singaporeans should be very proud of.
I definitely am!

BONIA Leather Bags

I always regard BONIA as haute couture and believed they were super expensive. It wasn’t until I was able to afford my very first handbag to realize that BONIA isn’t that far a star to reach out for.
It was the Italian designs and the feel of the leather bags BONIA had that gave me that impression of luxury.

BONIA bags always hold that charm for me — an image of a strong, sophisticated, successful career women. It was the same feel when I was presented with that precious gift from my mum.
The sense of power and success.

I soon came to learn about fashion and luxury brands and appreciating the many shapes, materials, fabrics, styles a bag can have and how they can light up a simple outfit or portray a style.


Like BONIA’s Chief Designer Mr, Gaetano de Franceschi said during his Pow-Wow sharing session, ‘A bag or accessory, or even shoes; while it enhances/highlights your overall dressing, also eludes your sense of style and character when it stands alone away from you.’

That phrase gave me a mental picture of the front porch of the houses I visit during Chinese New Year, where all the shoes lay and it’s always fascinating to find out who the owner of some of these fabulous pair of shoes are.

Ballet Flats by Bonia

BONIA indeed has come a long way.
In celebration of BONIA 39 years of heritage, has launched a 2 storey pop-up store in Orchard Road!

Together with Raffles Design Institute, BONIA has created a showcase gallery of RDI’s students work on an international platform. RDI students were tasked to create 5 different exhibitions depicting Art Deco, Pop Art, Surrealism, Cubism and Fauvism in-line with BONIA’s Spring/Summer 2013 concept.

RDI Students (Photo credits to BONIA and Fly Entertainment)

The entire pop-up store is the masterpiece of the 100 RDI students from Fashion and Jewelry Design, Graphic Design and Interior Design; whom created the entire look and feel of the pop-up store to the intricate pieces of jewelry and apparel to compliment BONIA’s new range of bags.

Fauvism showcase with BONIA’s 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

The BONIA Spring/Summer collection is — WOW!
Designed by Mr Gaetano; he is often inspired by his hometown Italy and the colors of travel.
He shared about how spring and summer colours of the tropics to the warm glowing colours of the East Orient inspired him when he created a new chapter in the story of BONIA.

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For me, I’m currently in love with blues and turquoises, for they very much reminds me of my recent trip to Hawaii and the Waikiki beach!

BONIA has also launched an exclusive collection for men and vintage travel series.
During Bonia’s pop-up store launch, we were treated to the newest and swankiest collection of this season.
BONIA Mens Collection currently is NOT available in the local stores and ONLY available exclusively at the Pop-Up store (level 2 retail gallery) at Orchard Green.

The highlight of the BONIA’s next chapter is the appointment of  Taiwanese Supermodel Ms. Sonia Sui [隋棠] as their Brand Ambassador for 2013!

Sonia Sui (Photo credits to BONIA and Fly Entertainment)

Ms. Sonia Sui,  hailed as Asia’s most outstanding upcoming actress shot to fame by the taiwanese drama show The Fierce wife [犀利人妻]; was nominated for the best actress awards in the Golden Bell Awards 2011 for her role.

Sonia will also partner with BONIA to create a collection under her name. The Sonia Su Inspired Collection, which would reflect on her personality of simplicity elegance and chic, is set to release in the late 2013.

“I’m really eager to embark on this new project as it is a golden opportunity to explore different platforms and get involved in designing” Sonia said excitingly.

Level 2 – Retail floor (Photo credits to BONIA and Fly Entertainment)

The BONIA Pop-up store will be at Orchard Green from now to end of May 2013.
Do drop by to check out the students’ works, have a cup of tea at their little cafe and grab those limited edition bags!

For more photos on this event, check out my friend, Tiffany’s blog posts here and here!

Some of the photos in this blogpost is photographed by the talented Commercial & Fashion Photographer Bryce Koh..
All photos featured in this post are copyrights of Bryce Koh and Pingerrain and any usage of these photos outside my blog and plantronics blogger campaign will be subjected to charges.

If you wish your photography skills to be featured in my blog, please do not hesitate to email me!
This is not a paid or sponsored post.

Disclaimer: Event invite compliments of Bonia and Fly Entertainment. No monetary compensation was received. Opinions stated are genuine and honest. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are accurate at the time of posting.

Till next time, Happy Shopping!

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