Aussie Style Awesomeness

Aussie Style Awesomeness

When it comes to fashion, in my opinion is anything COMFORTABLE.
I don’t exactly follow the latest fashion trend, or the newest season’s must-haves, but I do love tartan style prints on bags and accessories and a nice casual waistcoat to layer my shirts so I don’t look too fat.
Oh.. and the oh-so famous blacks.. so I don’t look too fat.. (Ok, by now you can see I am not too confident in dressing)

I don’t exactly understand styles, really.
But what I do know is that the British love to play with layers. I often envy them because it’s like that are most daring about their fashion tastes and they really dressed up to their personality. (I see all these on Gok Wan’s show)

As for Americans, their dressing is quite different.
AND it’s also very similar to what I love, which also speaks of why I travel to USA so much. (LOL!)
Americans dress casually, but not sloppy.
With a pair of jeans and a simple blouse, or a basic tee and they could really strut their stuff on the streets. (I seen all these on the streets of USA)

Not exactly sure what Australian style is about; I took the opportunity to learn about it at the pop-up store at BlackMarket 2.0 in Orchard Central.

Black Market 2.0 at Orchard Central

Blackmarket 2.0 at Orchard  Central and WYLD Agencies presented a pop-up store in store with 2 Australian brands Mink Pink and Evil Twin.

Mink Pink’s clothes were more fun, out-going, dazzle yet not too overwhelming, while Evil Twin’s clothes were more to a casual style of rebel and punk rock.

I like’s Mink Pink’s turquoise with black and white sequin dress.
It was pretty sophisticated and easy to wear. Unlike really dazzling dress set out to shoot lasers when you are at a party, this dress provided that less shimmer but more shine instead.

I forgot to take a pic of that dress, but you can see a lady wearing it below.

Pop-up store in Blackmarket store. The 2nd lady on the left is wearing the dress I like. 

After a swift look, I just observed that these Australian style clothes are pretty big on their prints and fabric.

The usage of patterns and prints are very obvious on the Australian style. Slight casual compared to the British style, slight more polish compared to the American style, yet added with a dash of daring and rebel on their usage of patterns and prints. This is what I interpret of Australian style clothes.

The floral fabrics is very in trend this season, with quite an audience falling in love with Mink Pink’s floral frocks.

Me, Cheryl and Tiffany. Cheryl wore a floral frock (latest Aussie trend) from Mink Pink.

It isn’t hard to comprehend why guests are falling for such fun rebel style as Singaporeans dress either too much office wears, or too many straight flowing evening dresses.

Evil Twin Jeans

Our Australian hosts also treated us not only to Australian fashion but also to Aussie sweets!!
My favourite? The coloured rice covered chocolate medallions and the Cadbury Koala chocolate bars!!!

The dessert table was there for us to dig in and grab some home to savour.
I only could say, I wished I had taken more! 😛

Australian candies.. YUMMY!!

The party was in full swing to celebrate the launch of the pop-up store and well, as you can see, it’s full house!

Full house!

It was an interesting evening. And I learnt something new.
I would definitely try to throw in some Australian styles in my dressing now.
I think Australian style is all about confidence and creativity in your own dressing; and creating your own unique style.

‘Awesomeness is Universal’

After all, Awesomeness is universal.
It’s inside of you. Find it, polish it and shine from within.

Do also check out Tiffany’s post on this event!

Oh, and the pop-up store won’t be there for long (until June 2013), so grab your Australian threads fast if you love them!

Disclaimer: Event invite compliments of Black Market and Bless Inc. No monetary compensation was received. Opinions stated are genuine and honest. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are accurate at the time of posting.

Till the next time!

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