A little update on me

Hi all,
Sorry I have been a little quiet lately..
As you can see on the time ticker on this blog, I’m actually leaving for a trip very soon and the interim currently, I’m trying to clear off as much work and loose ends before I fly.
There are also quite a few things that happened to me lately which resulted on my sudden stop on posting.
Close friends would know I have some female related gynaecological issues and I recent have embarked on a medical treatment on that, which left me pretty stressed out, drained of energy and depressed every now and then. I pretty much flat out every evening till the next morning and that leaves me very little personal time to clear my blog and vlog entries.
In addition, the gynae whom I saw is giving me some attitude issues, which I had decided to seek another opinion  and this entire experience of feeling disappointed with one doctor and had to find another is very strenuous to me as much or more than my previous episode with Samsung and Singtel shop retail staff.
To my fellow blogger friends, I still appear now and then to cover events and to meet you and new friends but I do beg your pardon if I am way behind in communication and response.
Then, a Korean drama left me hanging in my thoughts again.
How could this one drama achieved 1st in national TV ratings? The storyline, the music, everything seems to make it perfect. However, the plot was so simple, yet the entire country is crazy chasing this drama, and as well as I had been too, I am impressed, yet depressed when I review my own progress.
My dream is to be a scriptwriter, as good as those Korean drama ones, and yet when I looked at my own status currently,  I’m nowhere even near the door of the industry I wish to be in. I often self doubt myself if this is the right path for me to forge ahead and what if when I finally reach the door and was turned away immediately because in their standards I wasn’t good enough?
Everyday, I anticipate myself reaching that goal yet feared most of rejection at the very end.
Just a few days ago, I received a call from a mentor of mine who was leaving Singapore for good.
I am still very sad, really. The university do not know how to retain their talented lecturers properly and following everything by the tee is making a lot of good teachers I know leave the university that I am currently embarking my degree in.
I don’t understand really.
If one of the principle of governance of an institute or any organisation is to ensure the entire organisation works and progresses; then there is seriously something wrong with the people sitting in the highest office floor of that university.
With this particular phone call, I was presented with a unique viewpoint of how this one friend may slowly turn into another contact I speak to online. It was as if the net “ate” up the people around me and suck them into this online virtual world where everyone can communicate with one another yet, you won’t be able to interact with them in reality.
I somehow correlate to how humans die and their spirits lives on and still tries on communicate (literally or “virtually”) to humans.
No matter, the friends I stay connected online are true and real.
So, if this is the case, what is actually real now?
And while it seems like I’m superly excited for the upcoming trip, half my heart are stringed to all these attachments and unwillingness. This is too ironical.
Talk soon~

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