2011 Miami, Florida: Chili’s

2011 Miami, Florida: Chili’s

We arrive 2 days before our cruise disembark. (Well to be exact: the evening for one, and a full day next)
After checking in to our holiday for the evening, we decided to head to Bayside Marketplace to search for dinner. 
And we decided on Chili’s!
There is only one Chili’s outlet in Singapore (Tanglin Mall, I think) and the ladies wanted to taste the authentic Chili’s as one of them did mention that the Singapore’s outlet wasn’t as fantastic.

As we were ordering our meals, I saw this:

“Bottomless” Beverage. It turns out that it means refillable.
Creative, ain’t it?

So I ordered one for myself and when the drink came, I was in for a surprise!

‘Yeah, try to drink THAT to the bottom!’ My brain replied me.

And here’s our spread for 4 women:

And we were thinking that the portion maybe the same with Singapore’s Chili’s!


The portions are H-U-G-E, HUGE!
Can’t remember what we ordered really, I know there was 2 types on ribs, one of which has a dry spice rub, one chicken, the famous calamari, nachos and a pita bread thingy dish.

We end up having to paper bag the calamari and nachos, and yes, the pig in me finished it up by the end of the night. 😛

Here’s me on the most right with the rest of the ladies:

Oh and yes, I didn’t manage to “bottoms up” my drink.

More stories soon!

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