Travelling Tips: Cleaning your luggage

Travelling Tips: Cleaning your luggage

Do you have problems like me when it comes to keeping the luggage clean of stains?

I had bought a nice pink luggage back in 2008 because I thought the colour was bright enough for me to recognise it on the luggage belt! But the trouble came when I came home after my 2009 trip…
And after my trip in 2009 and 2010, I still didn’t manage to find a solution to get rid of those stubborn black oil stains so I went to add some more “dirt” instead.
Doodling on the luggage (back in 2011)


And that was 2011, before my latest trip to USA.
What happen afterwards was something I never expected.
Not only did the dirt got worst, but the my drawings faded and the ink got smudged.
Now, currently, my luggage looks like this:
My luggage now
Stains like these have been there since 2009 and I’m dying to get it clean.
I tried googling and research online on any possible stain remover solution.
And I found this:
From one of the forum, there was a guy who was selling this previously until he mentioned that Home-Fix stores now carries this. So, I went to hunt for this.
Some of you may think, aiya, the stains can be easily wiped off with soap and water or Jif and water.
It’s not I have not tried them, I already did but the stains just don’t come off.
I was skeptic about this actually working so I bought a small bottle instead.
This small bottle ain’t cheap either. It cost me about SGD5~6; I can’t remember what was the exact amount but it is about there.
I found this Goo Gone solutions last year October, November (I think) in one of the Home-Fix store when I was out shopping with my parents but this sat on the shelf until now.
I never had the time to really pull my luggage out to try it but since I am starting to prep for my trip, I had pull out my luggage and I tried it.
The instructions say I have to pour the solution on the stain, let it soak for a while then clean it.
Here’s the results:
This product really works!!
It is amazing that I do not even need to scrub hard!!
Just a little rubbing and it all came off!
Well, pictures may be a little hard to tell, so I took a video on my mobile phone of me cleaning the luggage stains.
You can have a look here:


I also tired cleaning off the leftover sticker on my luggage.
Although it needs a little more cleaning solution and a little elbow grease, they all still came out!


Here’s what actually happened in the end:
I don’t advocate for this product nor this was sponsored.
I actually research for a resolution online and bought this product.
Nevertheless, I’m pretty impress with it.
You may want to try it out too if you have similar problems.
(Photos and video captured using Samsung Note 2)
More travel tips coming soon!

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