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Mystic & Everything Marine

I remembered that communication was a huge hurdle for me and my cousin on my first trip there.

My cousin lives in America since she was two years old and her education, culture and ideologies was no longer Asian.
On the other hand, I was a 100% Asian with the view of the world so small and it came to a breaking point.
My aunt finally spoke to me and taught me that Americans or Westerns as we called it,are more expressive; they say thank you verbally and when they appreciate things or help, they say it to your face. On the contrary, Asians tends to keep all our thanks and appreciation in our hearts.
I had to learn to speak up, FAST.
My cousin broke the ice by asking where would I like to go next, and since I had been doing a little research, I said, I would like to visit the Mystic seaport and the Mystic Aquarium.
The mystic seaport is a non-profit public museum that preserves the history of the Americans and the sea. Here there are many maritime artefacts and ships and crew around this unique outdoor museum will show you how these crew lives, works and their living environment. Many of the historical ships were still housed / docked and taken care of.
Till today, I am not exactly sure what it is, but something about these ships, marine theme things and aquarium appeals to me very much. It maybe the glistering waters, it maybe the big blue ocean or the many seafaring adventure stories I have read.
But overall, I love the place.
Mystic seaport is very windy and it is great for boating and toppers.
I do envy those owners who have their houses by the water. The view from their bedroom windows must be spectacular. How nice it would be to stay a weekend there just to relax by the waters, with a glass or orange juice and a Nicholas Sparks book. Sea breeze, a great read, a cold drink and the sound of waves…
It is so relaxing!
Ship AHOY!!!
These white sail beams structures on the vintage ships against the blue skies.
Very pretty!!
Aye aye Captain!
A selca of myself on the boat!
Pardon me of my messy hair…

Here’s a video I had made for this trip:



There is an entrance fee to this maritime park but all the money goes to maintaining the artefacts and the park environment.
For more information on Mystic Seaport, visit

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