DIY Deco Idea :: Wall Deco Backdrop for Photographs

DIY Deco Idea :: Wall Deco Backdrop for Photographs

Over the weekends beginning of February 2013, I was given the task to plan and execute my grandma’s birthday celebration at my house; simply because we have a large hall to accommodate all our family members.

I do have a pet peeve when it comes to birthday celebration is that, I prefer to have a nice backdrop for birthday photos… You know the kind of mandatory photos where everyone would crowd around the cake in batches with the birthday boy/girl for that one photo.

Over in November last year, I had also planned and execute my cousin’s 21st birthday. Planned from designing the invitation, catering food and setup of venue.
And I took the liberty to spend a bit of money since I had 6 months in advance to plan his birthday, so I ordered foil balloons from China Wholesale website to create this gorgeous backdrop:

I realised how huge this is when I took this picture for my lil cousins and their pretty mum~

So for my next event, I thought I would do the same. A backdrop, but this time, not using balloons as I didn’t have much time to import materials.

So, after work one day, I dropped by Art Friend at Buona Vista.
I was looking for red crepe paper.
But to my disbelief, all the red crepe paper has been wiped out!
Not just the reds one… All the colours except the purples, a few pinks, and the oranges are sold!!!
I wonder who is so desperate for so much crepe paper (lol!)
Nevertheless, I chose these 2 colours:

Each roll cost me around SGD0.90 if my memory serves me well.
If you have Art Friend card, you can get a further discount.

Step 1:
I cut roughly a square piece of crepe paper from the roll. You can also use rectangle, depending how long you want the length to be or how thick u want the folds to be.
In the above picture, I used 2 layers of light purple squares and 2 layers of fuschia squares.
Step 2:
Accordion fold the paper. If you are doing 2 colours like I do, you gotta separately accordion fold the paper.
Step 3:
Then you cut them; one colour shorter than the other.
You noticed I lined up them both from the centre.

I did that so the two colours can distinctively be seen from all around the edge of the flower.

Step 4:
Then I stacked them together. Remember we did the accordion fold so you have to make sure the paper stack on on top of each other in the fold.

Make sure you lined them up in the centre so it would be easier for you to cut the centre slit later!
You should get something like this when you do multiple layers:

And this is how it should look like when I fold the entire strip in half. This should give you an idea how the layers will fan out later:

*Side note:
If you are only using one colour, you can stack all the layers together first, accordion them then cut them all the same length.

Step 5:
Cut two slits in the centre like this, leaving some material left in the centre; like this:

Snipping a line in the centre actually helps to fan out the petals later on, and also making the central core smaller, where you can hold the flower more evenly and prettier.

Step 6:
Then wrap the wire around like this:

Do be careful because crepe paper is pretty fragile and will tear easily.
Once this is done,

Step 7:
You can start to fan the petals out.

I am using a two colour flower to show this.
You have to slowly separate the fuschia petals away from the purple petals by gently pulling them away from each other. In the above photo, I am still holding on to the wire beneath.

Once you put away from each other, you can fluff and arrange them nicely.

This is how it looks from the front:

Step 8:
Now,  you need to make a little hook out from your wire by twisting them into a loop like this:

With the loop, you can stick a hook on the wall ( I use 3M hooks) and hang them up as a wall display.

Now you have a nice deco wall for photos!!
Here is a sample of how backdrop works on the the finished photo looks like:

Here’s another one with my relative family shot with grandma:

The idea of a backdrop not just works on theatre stage, shopping mall, stores, or commercial places. It does give your plain walls at home a nice touch.

(Ok, I think by now you can tell I suck at taking pictures of myself.)

Hope this tutorial gives you some inspiration to make some your own!!!

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    1. Hi Ariane,
      I used the most simplest solution — scotch tape /cellophane tape and do an overlap circle so that it becomes like a double side tape.

      Normal double side tape or blue tack does not work because the balloon is well, fillled with air and you cant put pressure on it. The balloon is curved so double tape is no use.

      Using scotched tape allows some space within the circle of tape to hold the balloon up.

      I used what was available to me at that point of time.

      Alternatively, U can also try to tape the balloons up on a plastic nylon string ans hang up the string with 3M hooks like a string banner flag.

      Hope this helps!!

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