Sealed Pot Sunday – Post 1

Sealed Pot Sunday – Post 1

I recently have sign up for a year long challenge with a fellow blogger SFT on a sealed pot saving journey. This is my first report on my sealed pot challenge and it is going to be so exciting!!

I never exactly had the habit of saving in my younger days, so I am starting this over. It’s never too late to learn and experience something new!

My Seal Pot!
I have taken a considerably long time to decide on my sealed pot and I couldn’t find the perfect container I wanted. So I decided to use this cookie tin instead.

This tin of white almond truffles was from the Cookie Museum and was given to me as a gift from my cousin.
I like the tin because it just seems to have a renaissance feel and vintage look; I decided that a slot on top of the cookie tin was totally out of the question.
So I came up with this instead:
Front View

I was thinking, since my end goal is a real piano (a U1 Silent Yahama Piano), why not make a piano shaped sealed pot? And that was exactly what I did.

I went to the Yamaha website and download a picture of the U1 Silent piano I wanted, took down the dimensions and started working on scaling down the size.
I managed to scale it down to about 1:12, but it is not entirely accurate to the decimal though.

I also made sure the details were as close as possible to the real thing. And this was what I came up with!

Side View
As I don’t have any black paint or black paper at that moment, the only one thing I had was black sticky tape; so I used the tape all over for the colour. 
I used a cardboard box from my supplement drink and taped it with duck tape initially; but duck tape ran out, so I used the black tape in every aspect to hold everything together.
The ribbon pull tab an indicator of where the flap is.
While this may be a sealed pot, I need an opening where i can retrieve the money from the box safely instead of ruining it totally. So I made the box with a convenient opening flap which I taped it shut after everything was completed.

You can see the inside that the cardboard box panels were taped by duck tape (the box was longish) and then taped entirely with black tape.
While it may look crude, I felt it worked.
I stashed a $10 note immediately into my seal pot after that as good luck!
$$ Saved!
I thought of ways to save for my sealed pot goal and I started attacking my home internet broadband and mobile phone bill. With one simple call, I had cancelled 2 unnecessary add-ons and immediately save $5 a month!!
I’m also looking into saving more as my contract for my internet broadband is up and I may get a cheaper plan to reduce my expenses!!
Well, that’s all for my first update!
Hope all went well for the rest of the sealed pot gang!

2 Replies to “Sealed Pot Sunday – Post 1”

  1. Oh Priscilla, your sealed pot is just amazing! What an incredible idea, and to be able to make it shows how talented you are.

    It is so perfect for your piano goal and will remind you each time you put cash into it.

    Congrats on your $10 bill and your Internet savings.

    Cutting bills is a great idea for money for the sealed pot.

    Sft x

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