Movie: The Intouchables

Movie: The Intouchables

The French never cease to amaze me.
After “Taxi” and “The Piano Tuner”, this French film “The Intouchables” just push the benchmark higher on my expectations on French films.

The movie tells a story of a friendship between two men, one; a disabled rich man (Phillipe) and another, a poor pauper (Driss) who works as a caretaker for Phillipe.

Through the experience of the high life with Phillipe, Driss learnt to read, write and got out from the streets and stood by principles, and through the simple life of Driss, Phillipe began to smile and laugh, and learnt to live again.

The storyline is full of funny moments risen from the friction from the two man’s extreme background, yet a friendship bond so strong that tugs your heartstrings.

A few of the most memorable moments were:
– when Driss first saw the bathtub in the bathroom.
You could tell Driss was so amazed with the bathtub.
– when Phillipe was having trouble breathing and Driss took a wet towel and held his palm on Phillipe’s face.
That moment, in my opinion, was very powerful. The most simple touch of care; was to be there for him.
– the first time he drove Phillipe in the black sports car and he had to step out the car to get the neighbour out of the way: My favourite funny moment.. Banging the neighbour’s head on the sign.. “stick to your brain, stick to your brain!!”

It is the best movie so far I have seen in this year.

Here’s the trailer:

Take the time and watch this movie, it is so totally worth every minute!




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