2012 in review…

2012 in review…

2012 is over in a blink of an eye!
I started a bucket list in 2010 and slowly added on what I want to do in life…
I didn’t really set out with a lot of resolution, wish lists or goals.
I only did one thing: that was to set my password as “Determination” so I can remember it every single day or my life and cultivate that attitude.

Anyways, here a small recap of my entire 2012:

January 2012
Met a local legend and we chatted for awhile.
It was nice as he shared some tips with me on how to go about achieving my ambition:

Celebrated my friend’s doggie’s birthday!
It was my first time attending a doggie birthday celebration!
And Of course, I took the chance to capture some cute doggie photos of Nini~

Febuary 2012
NUS Excellence Service Award 2011 Ceremony
I was awarded with a Excellence Service Advocate Award by NUS.

We were also entertained by the funny Chua En Lai!
Attended NYP’s 15th Graduate Alumni Dinner!!
Met up with ex-schoolmates!
February also marks the start of a new semester at UniSIM where I attended an awesome module that talks about video and film production:
I wrote an entire blog on this module. 
Our website and blog has also been selected to be featured in the school’s website.
March 2012
I had helped a colleague to draw out a very simple design to be printed on their freebie for Openhouse and I was very excited on it’s arrival as it was the 2nd thing that actually came out as a real product from my work!!
Met my favourite singer!
And got all my albums signed. YESSSSSSSS~~~~~
Her songs helped me through many dark moments of my life~
April 2012
Watched my life’s first musical.
Love it a lot!!!
Went to see the Titanic Exhibition myself..
I had some affinity with the ship, really.. 
I went to Mystic Aquarium in 2006 and saw their exhibit there…
Mystic Exploration is the home of Titanic exploration so a lot of exhibits I have seen there were also displayed here in Singapore, yet the Singapore Exhibition told a better story than the one in USA…
This is my most favourite fringe activity:
Silhouette Paper Cutting
Does it look like my side profile?
May 2012
I went for a renewal course for my first aid and I once again got my license!
This time, I also have acheived my AED license!
March/ April / May / June 2012
Throughout the 3 months I was busy with the film production module and the project.
This module actually took us to some very cool places, including this aviation hangar at Seletar:
I finally finished the module and I wrote a reflection of it here:

June 2012
My neighbourhood blocks turned albino~
Which I totally didn’t like it!!
It just totally ruins the British “red brick” feel~
It also ruins the beauty of my photos, really!



Went to the opening of the Harry Potter exhibition dressed as a Hogwarts student!

Celebrated my birthday!

Birthday message by Google

July 2012
Welcome a batch of awesome exchange students and went for many interesting activities with them!

Lion and Dragon Dance Appreciation class
Chinese Tea Appreciation Class

Also went to Tioman, Malaysia with this awesome batch of students for field research~

Sunset at Paya Beach
Did some snorkelling, although I didn’t managed the deep waters.

Went into the forest to feed mosquitoes~

Sharing many memories in between… and we had our little shinannigans~

Went for NE Show again~
Which I love!!
September 2012:
End of July and early August signals the start of my next school semester and in term 2, I got an interesting module this semester: Oil Painting

My paintings

The boat piece was valued by my tutor at SGD500-600. More if framing is done.

Wrote a reflection here: Reflection on my oil painting module

November 2012
I joined OMY Blog Club and attended my first event!
I was very happy and excited to have made new friends!

Dare to be creative because you can!

and more events and activities…

New movie, new cinema, new memories

I also successfully planned and executed a 21st birthday party for my cousin:

and received a Faculty outstanding service award:

Outstanding Service Award

December 2012:
Won my first ever contest with this instagram photo:

And just a few days ago, completed my hosting of our annual family Christmas Party!

These are some of the most memorable times of my life in 2012.
Life is indeed good…
I hope to have more experiences and stories in 2013 to tell, and also wish to have a healthy and wealthy year ahead!
My wishes for 2013 are:
1. Driving license (I need to overcome my fear of driving)
2. More As in my University Academic results.. I need to get my CAP 3.5 back!
3. If possible, to clinch a travel sponsorship and a few staycation reviews…
4. Loose weight.
5. Donate blood
6. Probably learn a new language or start a small paperie business.
Best Wishes to all in 2013!!

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