New movie, new cinema, new memories

New movie, new cinema, new memories

Over the weekends, I have been given a precious chance to meet up a couple of new found friends from a previous event.

New friends: Carmen & Tiffany

The 3 of us, along with 50 other bloggers, were lucky to be chosen to attend a movie screening of the movie Breaking Dawn, the last installment of the Twilight Saga.

The movie screening took place in the newest GV cinema that had just opened in City Square Mall.

Located on the 5th floor, the GV snack bar just welcomes you at the moment you step off the escalator.
That moment really helps you to get into the mood to decide whether you wanted the salty or sweet popcorn. (Yumz!)
The new Cineplex front in City Square Mall
This new cineplex, Golden Village’s 11th baby in Singapore houses a unique 42-seater ‘Couple’s Cinema’, which means all the couples out there have an extra reason to watch more movies.
Besides the cinema’s couple theatre, City Square GV has this service called “I premiere my own production” where you can book a theatre and screen your original films on the big screen.
As a writer, my brain is telling me that there will be some dude out there that’s gonna propose in the theatre using this method. Awww, isn’t it romantic? That definitely would be some great memories.
Anyway, while waiting for the theatre to open for seating, I went to the snack bar to grab my popcorn and drink; and I must say, service at the snack bar was fantastic. The service personnel named Gen Hao was very attentive and even helped me pack my popcorn and drink nicely into a carrier so I can grab on to them easier while my other hand held on to my bag and my dslr camera.
The snack bar has an interesting promotion called I create my snack pack where you and mix and match 2 snacks for a fantastic good deal of $8.50! 
GV movie club members also enjoys $1 off on the combo of the day, which is currently the Rise of the Guardians combo.
Didn’t manage to snap photos inside the theatre because I was waiting for my poly classmate W, whom I invited to come along for this show.
Along the corridors of the theatres
However, the first thing I didn’t notice until after the show were the seats.
Unlike the other theatres I have been to, the chairs in the cinema just allows you to sink right in and doesn’t slide! I was very comfortable throughout the entire show. For someone like me who has back problems, I didn’t have to adjust much and I was very comfortable until like I mentioned, forgotten about it all!
While comparing to the other theatres I went to, which I have to shift and adjust uneasily for about 5-6 times throughout the show, in this theatre seat, it was about 1 time.
The cinema boasted 7.1 Dolby digital sound with premium grade EAW speakers from the USA and crystal-clear 2K digital projection. 
The picture quality of the movie (Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2) was crisp clear and colours to the detail! We can say goodbye to old scratching film screening.
As for the sound, I can say that the sound quality is good, but unfortunately because of the nature of the movie was not surround sound, I cannot comment more in detail. 
I’ll let you all know again as I am waiting for the 12 zodiac movie by Jackie Chan. That should be able to allow me to rate the surround sound quality.
Carmen helping me to pose in front of the digital movie poster
Although I have no prior background of the Twilight movie/books, the movie was overall a good one since the storyline itself is able to stand on its own as a single movie, although somehow, I do feel the pace of the movie was slightly rushed.
I also love how the storyline was centred on the idea of family and the love of Bella and Edward, and came to understood why fans are so passionate about this whole Twilight saga.
Oh, if you are hungry after the movies, you are in luck!
City Square Mall has cleverly designed that the exit from the cinema theatre leads to a food court!
Definitely saves you time and effort to “hunt” for your food, satisfying your hunger and thirst immediately.
I had a great time at the movies! Thank you GV and!

Disclaimer: Movie compliments of GV Cinemas and OMY.SG. No monetary compensation was received. Opinions stated are genuine and honest. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are accurate at the time of posting.


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