DIY Keychain Necklace: Transform a keychain to a chain necklace

Thanks everyone for your patience in waiting!
I’ve finally completed one exam paper and that’s one scary paper for me, and I promised that once I’m done with that I would post a DIY blog! (It’s a celebration for me, really!)

Today I’m going to share how to transform a keychain into a unique chain necklace.
It’s so weird because I felt keychains I get on my holiday trips are way cooler than normal necklaces? And those long chain necklaces are either way to funky, too chunky, too blink or too chic.

Just not really my type.
I do occasionally find nice pieces, but majority of my own style of statement necklaces are the ones that made it to the conversation table.

SO, let’s get down to it.

Gift From Canon Pixma workshop

I’ve recently attended a workshop conducted by Canon PIXMA and OMY Blog Club and I got this keychain as a gift. It was really a nice and presentable gift.



The only thing is that, no matter how nice the gifts are, usually, they bear the corporate logos and style. And let’s face it, not everyone likes to wear or carry out a corporate logo all the time.


Pixma keychain

However, the weirdest thing is that, we are wearing our favourite brands EVERY SINGLE DAY!
(cue LV logo, gucci logo, etc.*) Interesting right? So by logic sense, we are all walking advertisements for their brands.
LOL~ Enough of the contradiction.

Okay, back to business.
Well, I am not a huge user of keychains.
I only have one house key anyway, so how many keychains can I use?

But I like the keychain. Dilemma huh?
That’s why I thought, since girls can’t have enough of accessories, why not make it into some fashion accessory that I can wear and use?

Here’s what you need:

  • Pliers
  • Chains/ribbons/string (whatever you want to use as a necklace chain)
  • Lobster clasp


Now first, you want to get the components ready for the necklace.
I’ll be removing the PIXMA logo for my necklace. The logo itself looks nice, ain’t it?
And since my name is Priscilla/ Pingerrain, I’d use the letter P.
If your initial isn’t within the ‘PIXMA’ letters, you can omit or use anyone you like.


Step 1:
Using your pliers, open the jump ring connecting the letter P and the PIXMA logo.
You want to remove those components from the keychain to your necklace.

Step 01

Step 01

Here’s the components you have extracted from the keychain.
Usually in other keychains, it’s the whole keychain you want (without the ring), but in this case, I just want to work with only two components.


Step 2:
Next, take the open jump ring, slide back into the hole of the component and close it.

Step 02

Step 3:
Select the chain string you want then cut it.
You can purchase the chain in bulk like I did or purchase the chain in the length you want to wear from the craft store. If you already have the chain cut from the store, you can skip this step.

I am selecting the silver jump ring chain.


Step 4:
Slide the chain into the components.

Putting the chain together

Step 5:
Once your components are in the chain, you will need to fit the lobster clasp to the end of the chains.

Lobster clasp

Step 5a:
Slide one end of the chain into the jump ring. Then slide in the lobster clasp.
Finally, close the jump ring. Fit in a jump ring at the other end of the chain and you get finish lobster clasp ends.

Fixing in the lobster clasp

Step 6:
Tada! Your necklace is done.

Finished chain

Another alternate way to wear your necklace is like the way I had in my previous post, where the ‘P’ is “floating” above another component.

Here’s the trick on how to achieve that.

Instead of closing the end of the chains with a lobster clasp, I slide the ends of the chain into the component which I want it to “float”. Then close the jump ring.

Steps to make floating chain

Steps to make floating chain

Once it is complete, you can wear the necklace and adjust the necklace so one of the component is above the other, like this:

Steps to make floating chain

Then you can wear it like I did!


Here, I share with you some of my past projects with the same concept of transforming keychains into necklaces. (Yes, my PIXMA necklace is there now too!)

My other keychain necklace

From left to right:

  • Walk of fame “Princess” keychain bought during my trip to LA.
  • I heart NY carplate style keychain bought during my trip to New York.
  • Time turner keychain bought from HP World during my trip to Orlando.
  • Wooden Moose keychain, a gift from my cousin when she went to Sweden.
  • Toy Airplane keychain bought from Detroit Airport. (Yes, you press the nose button and there will be take off and landing sounds as well as lights from the turbines)
  • And of course, the PIXMA keychain, gift from Canon Workshop.


One interesting thing is here is the time turner.

Yes, it’s that time turner from Harry Potter. I bought it from Harry Potter’s World in Orlando. The Original replica of the necklace costs me USD40, while the keychain was about USD8. And, I guess you can tell the rest of the story. It is definitely bigger than the replica necklace version, but since I love long medallion style necklaces, it was a no-brainer.

I hope you like this tutorial!
And I hope it would be useful to you too!

This is my first tutorial post and I had fun doing it.
It was actually quite tedious with the camera work, but hey! there’s something new to learn everyday!


32 thoughts on “DIY Keychain Necklace: Transform a keychain to a chain necklace

  1. R Ü S S

    You are very talented and patient ( coz I think I’d have trouble with the portion with the pliers & may end up not finishing it’s )! I I think it’s awesome that you can do those — you can turn it into a business. Your pieces make great presents too.

  2. Russ R.

    I admire your creativity and your patience! I don’t think I’ll be able to finish one – especially with the part where you use the pliers. I love your finish products though – you can even combine stuff from different key chains to come up with something very fashionable 🙂

  3. Louise

    Wow Priscilla! You’ve got great charms & chains! This is a cute DIY. It reminds people not to limit their imagination. Though clearly possible, who would actually think of making their key-chains to necklaces? 🙂

  4. sriches

    What an awesome post and a really great idea! The necklaces are really pretty and I would never have guessed how they were made! Hope the exam went well! Simone x

  5. Tiffany Yong

    I have one more set at home, you can make more with it! It’s actually a very fun thing to do upcycling, but nowadays, people are so into branded stuff that it’s rare that they will want to wear such stuff :/

  6. Vanessa

    Wow, that is a great suggestion and a way to transform a keychain that I stopped wearing because it was too beautiful and I somehow did not want to stain it out on my keys. Just love the idea and now I picture in my mind how exactly I will create my necklace from my adorable keychain. Thank you for the creative inspiration!

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