Lesson taught by pineapple tarts

Lesson taught by pineapple tarts

I came home today and my mum was in the midst of making pineapple tarts. Her recipe books were laid out on the floor in the living room and she was making this little pastry moulds that will hold the pineapple filling by the balcony where there was plenty of sunlight.
I thought I’d just chip in and help making those moulds.

Well, looking at how mum made those moulds, I thought to myself; ‘Well, Chicken feet!’ and delve my hands into the pastry bowl and started making them.

Turn out, it was not so easy after all.
The pastry mould layer cannot be too thick or else our mouth will be full of pastry when eating the tarts. On the contrary, I can’t go too thin either, or the crimped edge will not even show up on the pastry when the cutter is pressed onto it.

I spread the dough on the wax paper and eye-balled it.
Many times, I thought; ‘Well, we can just go just little more thinner’… Which turns out to be a disaster.

This activity has sparked some reflections in my mind.
I mean, how many of us have always thought something is that easy and quickly delve into it without even listening to instructions first? Then when we fail, we blame it on somebody else or just simply say it isn’t our cup of tea and give up?

Well, after 160 rounds of trying and failing, I finally found the right amount of dough needed to get the exact consistency needed to get the perfect round shape for the pineapple tarts.

I am sure not everyone could last that 160 rounds.
I realised that sometimes, we just need that small amount of persistent that we can achieve what we set out to do; plus a little determination because every round may not be a successful round.

Well, at least I can see the end visually at that moment in the oven~
Yummy flavourful pineapple tarts.

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