Impromptu Egg Mayo Sandwich

Impromptu Egg Mayo Sandwich

Yesterday evening I was thinking about Egg mayo sandwich.
I even whatsapp my bestie (who is a better cook than me) and ask if she knew the easiest way to make an egg mayo sandwich.
She just said: egg & mayo!
Oh well, I think my brain wasn’t functioning.
I hadn’t had a break since don’t know when and as I took leave to prepare for my examinations, I thought I should make egg mayo sandwich for breakfast today.

My egg mayo creation
My egg mayo creation

Chop them up and mixed them with Heinz “MAGNIFICENT” (*fanfare~*) Mayonnaise.

I based my recipe half from my bestie, half from the net.
So I took 3 eggs, put into a pot covered them with water, bring it to a boil then turn the heat off then cover the lid and let it sit for 10mins. Rinsed the eggs with running tap water then peel.

Spotted this in Cold Storage and saw in the ingredient list that there’s mustard in it.
So I thought, since so many egg mayo recipe calls for mustard, why not just get this? Best of both worlds!
The other mayo I was very tempted to get was Stokes Garlic Mayo.. But it was a huge jar and I probably will not use that much, and it’s more expensive compared to Heinz, so I decided to go with this instead.
So after peeling the shell off the eggs, I just roughly chopped them into small pieces then mixed in e2 tablespoon of the Heinz “MAGNIFICENT” (*fanfare*) mayo. (chuckles~)
Grind in some cracked black pepper and a pinch of pink salt (yes the salt in my house is pink in colour. My mum bought it.) and walah~ it’s ready to be topped onto some yummy toast.
3 eggs great for a heap filling on 2 slices of bread, but I spread it pretty thin so I have 3 slices of bread.
Plus, this feels pretty good for someone who doesn’t really know how to cook!


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