Blogging in the air

Blogging in the air

What do you think when I say that I am now on board an airplane and am blogging at this moment?? Well, for me, I think it’s pretty awesome.

Facebook messaging in the skies with a friend in England
Facebook messaging in the skies with a friend in England

I am right now above the clouds as evidence of what I see outside my window, in seat 6A on board flight DL2529 towards Miami. To my American friends, having the luxury of using wifi in the air may be very usual, but there isn’t such service onboard flights in the Asian countries, so I feel it’s awesome to be blogging so high up in the air.

View from the air plane

For me, right now, it’s been a long journey and I am almost reaching Miami and so far, I already have quite a few tales to tell on my experiences on board the other 2 planes prior to this one.

Our SIN-NRT flight was delayed and upon reaching Narita, we all literally had to head straight to the gates at the other side of the terminal. I didn’t get to buy any Japanese udon, bento or macdonalds.
Well, for that I still have a chance on my return flight. That’s fine.

On board the next leg of the flight, I was sitting next to two big guys. Even though I was sitting in a rather restrictive exit seat, my seat area was literally closed off by these guys. Not cool, as it was a tight squeeze for me throughout those 13 hours.

Disappointment number 3 came in when I tasted that oh-so-nice chocolate cake that was usually served during flights disembarking from Narita. The chocolate cake, well, unfortunately, wasn’t oh-so-nice anymore. It’s like dry bread topped with a layer of cream on top.
Not cool.

Upon custom clearance at Detroit airport, which was icy and snowed previously, our plane cargo door was frozen. Half hour delay wait for our baggage and again rush to our next departure gates. Our journey to Miami was definitely not a smooth one indeed.

One thing was great, was the exit seat seating on board the leg SIN-NRT. It was spacious and near the toilet.

Well, I learnt the hard way that nothing can be done to the smells, but!
It was a good spacious seating.
Oh well, reaching Miami soon… Will blog again soon.

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