High School Musical

High School Musical

Just finished watching HSM3.
Couldn’t get over it.
Not in the terms of the content of the show, but rather being in a musical.

I was in a musical way back when I was in Secondary School too.
And I remembered that back then, at the end of it all, everyone didn’t want to leave.
We had all been together in the rehearsals, training, in class, out of classes, after school, in the theatre doing all that we do to make the theatre a success.
It was really like high school musical’s motto “We are all in this together”.
Memories really fleet pass in front of my eyes, I couldn’t help but still teared a little.

I really missed all the times I had spent together with all my friends, and sometimes I really wonder what they are doing now, whether if they are well?
I also missed my drama teachers. I would really love to learn more about the theatre and drama, which I was too afraid to follow my dreams in the first place.
I knew some already are in the arts industry doing something they love, some are taking off, while I’m still stuck on the ground, still not qualified to fly.

Sometimes, I think, if I really just thought of myself and don’t care about my parents’ thinking, would I have been successful now?
Would I have?

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