Flying half way around the world…

Flying half way around the world…

This was my very first time flying to Americas and Aunt Lucy and I are visiting Aunt Nancy (Aunt Lucy’s sister) and my cousin Melanie. We were flying Northwest Airlines (updates: Delta has taken over Northwest Airlines operations) and it was also my very first long haul flight!
Sun rising as we fly towards Japan


Flight descending into Narita International Airport
It was my first time in Narita Airport and I quickly took my camcorder and started filming away.
(Footage were of course, not as good). The Japanese culture is famous and I really could feel that straight away once I stepped into the terminal. The shop attendants would greet you at the top of their voice, and I could tell they did it with passion and full of respect for their customers.
It was really extraordinary.
Inside Narita Terminal 1
We were actually in a hurry to board the next flight as our first flight arrived slightly late and being a first timer, I was so anxious to get to the next flight gate that I didn’t really focus on what else were there in the terminal. While I tried to take some photos at the gate, unfortunately, some of my other photos were too blurred… Will take more photos of Narita Airport next time when I transit there.
A mandatory cliché shot of the gate sign
View of the Americas from the air plane window
Our transit flight from Narita is bound for Detroit. As the plane flies into the US territories, we were presented with a bird’s eye view (literally) of the land. The plane flew over places with land farms and huge rivers and meanders; and it was really spectacular given that at the speed we were flying in the air, I was still able to see the flow of the river waters and the sediment that were built up around the bends. It was a huge living geography book. Something so awesome that at that moment, I felt any natural geography textbook to me was becoming mediocre.
Detroit International Airport
We have a 4 hour transit here in Detroit airport. The last league of our flight is bound for Bradley International Airport, Connecticut; where my Aunt Nancy lives. The interesting thing I spotted here is the monorail.
Monorail tracks above the shops
The monorail ferries passengers from one end of the terminal to the other end. Detroit Airport was designed like a long rectangle with 2 satellites at each end. The monorail is so unique because the tracks are above the retail shops!! We didn’t take the monorail because our gates were relatively near the central, but it was an interesting sight.
Left hand drive!!!
It was already evening when we touched down in Bradley International Airport.
As it was my first travel trip on my own with an Aunt, everything was new to me. It was also amazing to me that our baggage claim area was open to public!!

Unlike Singapore where we were still within the restricted area, my cousin Melanie just walked right in and waited with us at the baggage claim for our luggage to come out onto the belt!

It was bizzare to me. Fortunately, we were able to get our luggage safely and headed to my cousin’s place.
Here’s a video I made:

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