View of Genting Highlands Resort from my room window

View of Genting Highlands Resort from my room window

Day View – Click to view bigger photo
I was surprised with the superb view from my First World Club Room view from the windows and I thought I should share it with you!
I went up to Genting in 2004/2005 (Dec31-Jan02) with my parents and we stayed in the First World Hotel World Club Room.
Upon arriving in the room, I was very surprised with the awesome view from the windows!
I knew immediately I had to do a panoramic photo!
And I was very lucky to be blessed with such a clear day!
If you look carefully, you can see KL in the distance amongst the bluish mountainous background and you can spot the Petronas tower reaching to the skies…

I particularly love the wispy-cloud-mist-smoky feel of the night scene.
It just makes the whole place so mysterious.


Night View – Click to view bigger photo
It was a good trip.
Such views does give you a great mood for vacation.

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